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Power Rangers

It is happening. Kids (now young adults) of the ’90s will rejoice and embrace their inner nerd with the revamping of the Power Rangers into a full-length film. According to reports of character updates, the latest movie reboot will bring back the original five from the first season of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers phenomena. Not to be confused with the original actors who portrayed the supernatural crime-fighting teens, which is impossible because one of the original actresses has passed, the movie will bring back Jason, Trini, Zach, and many more with a modernized/darker twist.

What started as a rumor quickly grew into fact. Now a live-action version of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is coming back to fight intergalactic threats to planet Earth. In the over two decades since the original incarnation made its way to the big screen, much has changed in cinema and society. This new rendition will not be the same Power Rangers that virtually took over the world in ’93, but a modernized group of teens who become gifted with the superhuman ability to take on evil aliens.

According to Collider, a brief list and detailed description of the main characters has been released to the public. The teen-aged team consists of Zach, Jason, Trini, Kimberly, and Billy. Jason, originally the Red Ranger, does not deviate too far from his source material. In the reincarnation, the teenager is described as a former jock who was a legend in his town. Jason was considered a prodigy in sports for his freshman stint as a quarterback and even had children around town wearing his jersey. All seemed to be going his way, until the famed jock wrapped his car around a pole and ruined his knee. He is reported to be in search of  redemption, and ends up taking on the leadership role of the gang to help each member overcome their own troubles.

Power Rangers

The other cast members follow the same loose adaptation of the original ’93 gang. Instead of a ditzy girl, Kimberly is a formerly popular teen who breaks away from the norm to embrace an unconventional cool. She is still the girl that her fellow peers envy, but Kimberly is a little troubled. A traumatic experience, which led to a six-month absence from school, contributes to her newly-found rebellious attitude.

The famed Yellow and Blue Rangers from the original series also do not deviate too much from their source material. Trini, the Yellow Ranger, is a very bright, mysterious teen. Her parents constantly relocate for work, so Trini has never really had a solid group of friends. She is a loner by nature, very self-sufficient, and can be stubborn. Billy is similar in nature to his Mighty Morphin Power Rangers counterpart, the Blue Ranger, in that he is very brilliant, but also very socially awkward.

The biggest change from the source material comes in the reincarnation of Zach, the Black Ranger. Originally, the Black Ranger was a slightly racist amalgamation of the growing popularity of hip-hop culture and black socialism. The original character was a master of hip-hop kid and uttered stereotypical catchphrases designated for the token black friend. Thankfully, the writers decided to change it up for the new installment. The new Zach is described as the resident “‘cool kid” in town. Zach is the life of the party and, at times, overcompensates to hide his insecurities about his humble trailer-park living conditions. Though Zach’s character is not the dancing, one-liner spewing cool kid from the original Power Rangers, his character description seems like a role that resident “it” actor Michael B. Jordan would be good to portray.

As far as more knowledge and info about the coming Dean Israelite-directed Power Rangers flick, the studio remains tightlipped. The character updates and release date are all the general public knows at this point, but it gives fans hope that the remake will live up to the source material. All the characters are reported to be 17 years old, but the race and color of each ranger still remains a mystery. The Burk Sharpless-, Ashley Miller-, Matt Sazama-, and Zack Stentz-penned script is still being overlooked by Israelite, but it is rumored to have a fun and modernized theme. Fans will have to wait until summer 2016 to see if the rumors have become reality.

By Tyler Cole


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