Rihanna Jealous Over Rita Ora, Chris Brown ‘Body on Me’ Sexy Duet?

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Rihanna is said to be livid over the fact that her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, has decided to team up with her industry enemy, Rita Ora. The Bajan-singer, who infamously mocked Ora for trying to steal her image two years ago, has not been on good terms with the 24-year-old since, despite the fact that both artists share the same record label.

But now it seems like the two will soon be sharing the same man, too. In recent weeks, it had been revealed that Rihanna and Brown had been on speaking terms again, having kept a distance from one another since their split in February, 2013. There have even been talks about a possible collaboration from the two, following reports that Brown had asked his ex-girlfriend to join him on his forthcoming world tour later this year.

However, with the release of the singer’s new song with Ora, Rihanna has changed her mind. “There’s no lost love between them, but this is another example of what Rih perceives to be a lack of respect by Rita,” a source revealed. “Chris and Rihanna have a long history and she hit the roof when she heard about Body On Me — especially the video.”

The song, titled Body on Me, is quite sexual in itself. The two musicians address one another as lovers who should stop wasting time and get together — it is explained in a much more explicit way when listening to the song, so it is understandable why Rih-Rih would be so heated about it.

But if Rihanna is already mad about the collaboration being out, she will not be happy to see what Ora has in store for her once the music video drops later this week. The 24-year-old current X Factor UK judge posted snippets from the visual on social media, which sees her making out with Brown in numerous different camera angles. It begs the question on whether the Virginia-native was really serious when considering the idea on potentially reconciling with his ex, because his song with Ora gives a different impression.

Music critics are convinced that Body on Me will be Ora’s most successful single in the States, calling it her “breakthrough song,” which will evidently follow with the release of the singer’s debut album, expected for a release by the end of the year. It just so happens that Rihanna will also be unveiling her latest studio album in the months to come, so perhaps this will end up being a head-to-head competition on who comes out on top.

Although, with Rihanna’s consistent chart success, it is unlikely that Ora can top her rival when album sales are concerned. Nonetheless, her single with Brown is expected to do well, which will give her enough exposure to expand as an artist, and hopefully get the long-awaited recognition as a solo artist. She is already being called the new Rihanna, they have the same style, and now it seems that Ora might also have snagged herself Rih-Rih’s ex.

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