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#ShoutOutDay Shouted for More Than Compliments



This month, JCPenney created a new hashtag on Twitter for tweeters to use in order to give positive feedback to anyone they know which, in turn, gives the subjects of their tweets a surprise boost of confidence. The department store dubbed August 12, 2015, the first “National Shout-Out Day,” a day when anyone talking about their personal clothing style on social media got a shout-out from the store, and teens posing in pictures in their back-to-school look using a #BlendTheTrend tag received digital compliment cards. This trend was advertised through the YouTube channel, AwesomenessTV, where teenagers selected by JCPenney shared their unique outfits, created by various JCPenney-featured brands, and, at the same time, promoted the #ShoutOutDay’s shouts for compliments. The videos were posted both in hopes to raise traffic for the company and to encourage kids to embrace everyone’s individuality.

As well as appealing to a variety of clothing tastes and mixes, JCPenney has plans to appeal to a variety of body shapes. In the fall, a whole new section of juniors’ and children’s clothing will be created in 400 stores to meet the needs of young people who do not fit into their other garments, despite the stores’ already wide range of sizes. It will include both everyday children’s apparel and school uniforms, just like in the existing sections, so that everyone can find the right fit.

JCPenney is not only reaching out to children and teens. The company is also using the seasonal back-to-school sale opportunity to collaborate with college students on Instagram to find out what designs and products best suit their dormitories. It appears that with these methods, the chain store is seeking to reel in the most customers by continuously displaying its support for the desires of today’s youth.

Through the realization that compliments and true friendship are hard to come by in schools, #ShoutOutDay is just one way that JCPenney is trying to reach through to potential customers. Additionally, when #ShoutOutDay shouts for compliments, the enterprise’s name and products are spread like wildfire as tweeters try to get the company’s recognition and benefits. The company is planning to celebrate National Shout-Out Day annually.

There were diverse submissions using the hashtag, which ranged from individuals saying a few good words about family members to whole charitable organizations taking pride in fundamental researchers. People used #ShoutOutDay to show support for struggling survivors, or for appreciating something as simple and sweet as doughnuts. Any way that JCPenney’s tag was tossed around Twitter made a positive impact on the social site, even though it was intended to promote business and income for their enterprise.

Trends like #ShoutOutDay on Twitter are meant to encourage the younger generation to spread kind words and to encourage uniqueness in an attempt to combat the peer pressure which affects cyberbullying, cliques, and clothing choices. students are frequently victimized over the Internet by instigators who can remain anonymous. Furthermore, anyone who submits comments using this hashtag can gain popularity and page views, which also helps charities like the Alzheimer’s Association, who used the trend to show their gratitude for volunteer caregivers working with dementia patients. In turn, such types of organizations can use the trend to draw in new followers, potentially amassing new donators and volunteers to kick-start further progress to benefit different societal problems. On the other hand, a trend can also be used to draw attention to additional companies, and thus skyrocket business for them in the same way. It appears that #ShoutOutDay caused more than just compliments to be spread and reached a far greater audience than what was intended, which forecasts even greater possibilities for next year’s celebration.

By Jarick Roaderick

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