Farrakhan Answers Critics of ‘Justice or Else’ March

FarrakhanThe Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has called for all past attendees and supporters of the Million Man March to gear up for the 20th anniversary event being held in Washington D.C. Farrakhan said it will not be an actual march but a type of rally which is scheduled for Oct. 15, 2015, on the National Mall in D.C. The Minister is calling not just for men, but for families of all races and Americans all over the country in support of Justice or Else as it relates to the continued police brutality which is killing the black race.

The Million Man Justice or Else March against police brutality is designed as a call for justice from the government. Farrakhan has not been quiet about his disdain for the amount of unarmed blacks which have been murdered by police. He has called for people across the nation to rise up against police that continue to abuse their authority.  At this rally, there will be no weapons of mass destruction, only weapons of mass instruction, according to the Minister.

In a two-hour address Farrakhan offered a scorching critique of race relations in the United States, including church leaders and politicians, for not doing more to prevent incidents like the recent mass shooting of the nine victims in South Carolina’s Mother Emmanuel AME church. This comes 20 years after the historic gathering of African-American men chose to mark their territory by stretching from the steps of the Capitol to the grounds of the Washington Monument.

Recently, people began openly criticizing the Minister for his strong words against police brutality and have stirred tremendous controversy. Heretofore, several representatives for the Minister have responded on his behalf. Now, Farrakhan has decided it is time for him to answer the critics. He said:

I know there are police in every city trying to do their job, but I also know there are police in every city that are rogues who use their badges and authority as a license to kill. This has reached the point of explosion. I have pleaded with the government of the United States of America to do their job.

Farrakhan went on to speak about the Law of Retaliation in the Bible and how judges must be just and law enforcement must protect. The Minister said things are so skewed, but someone has to watch and ensure that justice comes to the citizenry of America.

We are supposed to be living in a civilized society. We are not supposed to take vengeance when someone does evil to us that is what the government is supposed to do so that the society remains civil. But when the government fails, and liars are judges, medical examiners, prosecutors, district attorneys… who allow murders to continue and we go home grieved and the murderer goes home to dinner with his family. How long can we as a people endure such without responding appropriately when government fails to act?

Minister Farrakhan does not have a problem with law enforcement that operates appropriately, only those that mishandled their authority. While on the #JusticeOrElse tour which recently stopped in Memphis, the Minister received members of the Memphis police department into his hotel suite. He first thanked them for providing him with what he considered the best and largest police escorts he has ever received while visiting any city in the U.S. and shook hands with each officer, offered words of guidance and took photos. The Memphis PD Major asked Farrakhan to keep them in his prayers. The meeting ended with Farrakhan having everyone join hands as he offered a prayer of peace and covering.

In Farrakhan’s response to critics, he said “to kill all white people” was never his words, but the words of the mischief-maker. He added:

If you are going to quote me, then quote ME! But when you add your evil mischief-making to my words to make white people think that I am calling on black people to kill white people to start a race war…. Then you are nothing but a lying devil!

The Minister said people have twisted his words because they do not want them to meet together in Washington and demand change. The critics have said Farrakhan wanted to tear down the American flag and caused some white people to say they have to be in Washington to protect “Oh Glory.” Nothing could be further than truth, according to Farrakhan who said there are many black and white people who have fought for that flag. Although he does not pledge allegiance to it, the Minister said he does respect it and those who say differently are liars.

Farrakhan decided it was time to answer the critics of the upcoming Justice or Else March being held to fight against police brutality. The media and mischief makers have made it sound as if the stance is a war against the white race and that is not true. The rally will be composed of all ethnicities who wish to see a positive change with race relations and the continued killing of unarmed black men. The Justice or Else march will take place on Oct. 15, 2015. in Washington, D.C.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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3 Responses to "Farrakhan Answers Critics of ‘Justice or Else’ March"

  1. SFF   August 31, 2015 at 6:36 am

    People have accidentally been killed through out history (there have bee recent killings of white children in these past months also) an individual accidental killing does not constitute “genocide” as Mr. Farrakhan propounds, Auschwitz was genocide. He is effectively fomentation and calling for the creation of a race war in the U.S.A..

    “Justice or else”, what? Race wars like the 60’s where he is totally rooted in this with his line of inflammatory rhetoric! He needs to tone down his incendiary remarks and put things in the perspective that they should be, as unfortunate accidents needing corrective inquiry not fomenting “justice or else” in America as he would be a war monger and facilitator of (oh it just got out of control) racial rioting.

    War monger or Reverend? Only he can decide and influence that or “we the people, united we stand divided we fall” need to prepare for that.

  2. Darrel Muhammad   August 28, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    Minister Farrakan’s 20th Anniversary of The Million Man March, the theme which is: Justice or Else, will actually take place on 10.10.15, October 10, 2015

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