Avril Lavigne Faces Two Battles

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Avril Lavigne

Singer and songwriter Avril Lavigne’s marriage to Chad Kroeger from Nickleback looked like a home run, but after two years, it showed itself as a foul ball. Last month she had dispelled the rumors that she was getting divorced while preparing for her fifth year of Camp S.T.A.R.S. (Summertime Avril Rock Stars). To contradict, last Wednesday she suddenly announced her split with Kroeger (maybe celebrity  rumors are not as far-fetched as they are played out to be). She has now been divorced twice, a few weeks shy of thirty-one. Having gone public with her diagnosis of Lyme disease in April, Avril Lavigne faces two battles.

Lyme disease is a disease spread to humans by transfer of Borrelia type bacteria through tick bite. According to webmd.com, carriers of the disease develop arthritic symptoms along with the common tell-tale-sign, the “bull’s-eyes-rash”. Earlier this year, Lavigne returned to the public sector after a year of absence relaying to the press that since last fall she had been toiling with this disease. She put spotlight on the lack of proper diagnosis for the disease, how she spoke to many doctors who could not diagnose it and how she was afraid that she might be dying, which fortunately was not the reality. Unfortunately, she contracted an illness whose number of reported cases reached endemic levels in eleven West Virginian Counties this year and has doubled all in this year in York City, Pennsylvania. 329,000 new cases arise each year in the United States.

But having a popular singer like Avril Lavigne to relate to in the media and to publicize it more among other celebrities helps increase the reporting of Lyme disease, which the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released in a statement, goes under-reported.

Her effort as she faces her two simultaneous battles, divorce and illness, will actually bring attention, answers and solidarity to the many struggling with Lyme disease.

Avril Lavigne and her now ex-husband Chad Kroeger have been writing songs together since 2012 and in 2013 shared a number 14 hit on the Canadian charts, Let Me Go, which was also in the top 100 in the U.S., Germany, and Austria. Now that they are splitting up, Lavigne promises in an Instagram post that their professional and platonic relationship will still go on. The pop punk princess (a persona she is often ascribed with for her music style and dress) has retained composure throughout this process and leaves with the promising statement that they will continue to be the “best of friends”.

Avril Lavigne


Now that Lavigne is back on her own, two years older from when she had married Chad Kroeger, she does not claim there to have been any mistake in their being married and remains positive. Last Sunday, the singer/songwriter performed “Complicated” with Taylor Swift, so she is definitely back and kicking after that year of silence. Having two battles, Avril Lavinge in her battle with Lyme disease might actually be able to be distracted  from her battle with romance that she faces as she has to put more effort and devotion into her own well-being. Being truthfully a punk princess, she has been handling both issues with spunk and optimism.

On social media though, Lavigne is still going in the record of celebs divorced more than once. She, on the other hand, has not relayed any negative sentiments to the press.

By James Hicks


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