Boldly Inclusive a Model of Fairness and Diversity

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Boldly Inclusive
Guardian Liberty Voice (GLV) and its growing family of hardworking citizen journalists pride themselves on the tenets of liberty, freedom, and inclusivity. The GLV motto, “Boldly Inclusive,” is a model which embraces fairness and diversity as ways to enhance global participation of all citizens, despite their social standing in an unequal world. This global debate, expertly carried out by its skilled cadres, is critical of institutions or people who wish to entrench disparities within society.

The boldly inclusive model is premised on the individual and his community. The co-existence of the two instructs one to respect the other. The individual should selflessly serve his community not only as a way to enrich himself, but also as a way to improve the socio-economic factors that negatively impact his community. This historical model, explored by sociologists like Thomas Jefferson, attest to the fact that social relationships increase value to the community. Although man is in constant fear of his own existence, the old model instructs man not to be a slave to his fears.  To that end, writers and editors of GLV should not be caged in fear when attacking such social evils. Their freedom of speech should not be curtailed by the voices of those who fear being exposed to the world. They should boldly express views without fear or favor.

The GLV concept seeks to reconcile the ancient and modern cultures through an understanding of exclusivity and privilege. The evolution of these cultures has resulted in a societal structure that defines people as either marginalized or privileged. DiMarkco Chandler, an astute entrepreneur, sees this as a “monumental force on our lives” that continues to perpetuate inequality in the society. This social orientation has elevated the privileged and has diminished the existence of the “vast faceless and voiceless pillows of society.” The boldly inclusive philosophy thus breathes life to the hopeless and makes their hearts throb with the tumult of liberty.

Boldly Inclusive

Their constant chatter against exclusivity unsettles “a tenuous and tepid few” awkwardly sitting on the apex of the social pyramid. GLV then boldly includes all those who have been excluded from the socio-economic and political discourse and speaks out against self-preservation of the few. This scope has to be rejected and condemned to the last vowel. The boldly inclusive model, therefore, rightly proclaims the Kantian ethics which say that people should be treated as ends and never purely as means to the ends of others.

In conclusion, the future of the human race should, therefore, embrace inclusivity. It is true that in diversity comes strength and hope.  As a result, individual self-interest and discrimination of any sort will drag society to the abyss of ignorance. This can only be stopped by the boldly inclusive model of fairness and diversity. Like a mosquito bite, GLV will constantly “remind its readers that the values of freedom and liberty belong to everyone and do not have a place in political pigeon-holes.”

Opinion by Shepherd Mutsvara
Edited by Leigh Haugh

DiMarkco Chandler: The Historical Model ‘Boldly Inclusive’
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