Community Alert Wanted for Armed Robbery Grand Central

policelights-650x3902About the Crime:
Three recent Armed Robbery incidents have occurred in the 25th District. In these cases, a victim is approached from behind by 2 or 3 offenders. One offender displays a dark colored handgun, while the other offender(s) takes property from the victim. In one case, there were 2 males and a female offender who fled the scene in a small 4 door white sedan. The offenders take cell phones, wallets, and USC.

Incident times and locations:
· 13 Aug 2015, 3000 Block of North Davlin Ct, 3:30 AM
· 04 Sep 2015, 3100 Block of North Harding Ave, 2:20 AM
· 06 Sep 2015, 3000 Block of North Milwaukee Ave, 1:00 AM

About the Offenders:
In the North Harding incident, the offenders are described as two male blacks, approximately 18-25 years old, one with braids the other with a shaved head, and one female black 18-20 years old, with a pony tail. In the other two cases, no description is given of the offenders.

What you can do:
Be cautious when walking late at night
Be aware of your surroundings
Activate “Find my IPhone” or similar App on cell phones to aid in tracking the phone
Report any suspicious people in the area
Call 911 immediately and provide a detailed description of the offender(s) including any vehicle description, license plate information and direction of flight, if known

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