Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez: Alcohol, Partying Leading Them to Rehab?


Demi Lovato’s reconciliation with former best pal Selena Gomez may have excited a lot of fans, but sources stress that the songstress is heading down another meltdown if she does not distance herself from her BFF. It has been heavily reported in recent months that Gomez has been struggling with an alcohol problem, having infamously checked herself into rehab just a year ago.

Considering her ongoing trouble to accept the fact that her relationship with Justin Bieber would have never worked out, Gomez is said to have used alcohol as a way to numb her feelings. “Selena is drinking like crazy…She drinks way more than even a few months ago and has been getting blackout drunk,” a source tells inTouch Weekly in its latest issue.

The fragile 23-year-old was said to have stayed at a rehab facility last year, hoping that she could overcome her struggles, but to no surprise, she ditched the program just two weeks later. Anybody who quits a program that is specifically intended for them is proving to the world that they have a serious problem at hand.

Regardless of her issues, it was recently revealed that the Good For You hitmaker had reunited with her childhood friend. Lovato and Gomez have known each other since they first starred in Barney together when they were still unknown children, hoping that their big break would be right around the corner. The twosome have since become two of the biggest names in Hollywood, but it goes without saying that both have had their ups and downs in the industry.

Lovato is a self-proclaimed recovering addict, having struggled with anorexia, bulimia, and an ongoing drug addiction all before the age of 18. Having openly confessed to smuggling cocaine through airports, along with her irresistible desire in wanting to be as skinny as most girls in L.A, the Cool For The Summer songstress had been in her own fragile state of mind — similar to the one Gomez is reportedly facing right now.

But exactly that begs the question of whether Gomez’s battle with alcohol will turn out to be a bad influence on Lovato, who has continuously praised herself for managing to stick to a healthy, clean, sober lifestyle. Judging on what has been said about Gomez in recent weeks, it appears as if the 23-year-old is struggling more than ever. This means that Lovato being in her life could either be a positive thing — in hopes that she can help her friend make a turnaround — or a complete disaster that sees both of them fall off the wagon.

“She can go through a full handle of vodka by herself and keeps pitchers of fruit punch made with grain alcohol in her fridge. She says they’re for parties, but then the pitcher is empty a day later,” a source for inTouch Weekly continued. Gomez is just weeks away from releasing her forthcoming album, and considering her insubstantial state, the workload to promote her new record could really set her back. Fans should be worried whether Lovato could potentially relapse when hanging around a friend that is allegedly so drawn to alcohol.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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