Greta Van Susteren Is New Medal of Honor Board of Directors Appointee

Greta Van Susteren
The Congressional Medal Of Honor Foundation (CMOHFoundation) announced a new appointee on Sept. 21, 2015. Greta Van Susteren replaces Brian Williams, who resigned in February. As a Fox News Channel anchor, she joins other prominent people who are CEOs, Medal of Honor recipients, retired military personnel, and a prosecutor for the state of Alabama.

The new Medal of Honor board of directors appointee sent out an announcement tweet today. According to TVNewser, the  61-year-old anchor stated, “I’m honored and humbled to join the Medal of Honor Foundation Board and serve these very special men in their very worthy cause. I’ll do everything I can to help perpetuate their legacy.”

She has hosted On the Record With Greta Van Susteren, since 2002 and Crime Scene since 2006. Both of these programs are seen on the Fox News Channel. According to IMDb, politics was regularly discussed at the childhood dinner table.


  • The foundation was established by living Medal of Honor recipients who comprise the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.
  • It consists of a board of directors, Executive Committee, Foundation, and emeritus directors, as well as a President’s advisory group.

CMOHFoundation’s values include patriotism, integrity, and commitment. Greta Van Susteren’s career also indicates she has the same beliefs. She is a good addition as a new member of the Medal of Honors board of directors. There is no indication when her tenor will begin.

By Cathy Milne
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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