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iPhone 6

Tech rumors are flying that Apple will use its media event on September 9 to introduce the new iPhone 6s. An iPhone 6 upgrade is coming soon to a store near you. The new model will be the next step up from the older model as it is replaced by the upgraded iPhone 6s. The “s” in the name will not be the only change in the upcoming release, as some tech critics are predicting problems for the new phone.

The soon-to- be-introduced next-generation phone will have several new features: A9 processor, 21 GB RAM, improved 12-megapixel camera, less bendable 7000 Series aluminum shell, force touch, and improved touch ID. According to MacRumors, the basic design and color choices will remain the same except for a possible added pink color. One market analyst has been predicting that the new name will be the iPhone 7, but most are guessing that Apple will keep its well-known “S” pattern by calling the new phones the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. MacRumors  reports that this “S” year upgrade will center on internal improvements instead of changing the outside of the phones. The screen sizes will remain the same.

The forced touch feature allows for touches that use pressure sensitivity and the Touch ID makes fingerprint recognition more efficient. Editor in chief of MacRumors, Eric Slivka, feels that the upcoming phone may be larger than the older model. He thinks that might be due to the strengthening of the shell with aluminum to fix some of the bending and breaking concerns. He claims to have seen photos that may indicate a slightly larger phone. The iPhone upgrade coming soon faces some questions that may only be answered when the new iPhone 6s is unveiled.

Although Apple’s phone line occupies the lion’s share of its profits, it has committed to several big products this year. It debuted its new smartwatch which has had mixed reviews. According to Techradar reviews the watch has a classy design, crafty interface and a choice of two sizes. On the other hand they feel the device is too expensive at all levels, has a short battery life and is not very app friendly. The music service and TV app device are building their share of the market. A major surprise was the Apple car, a self-driven vehicle that may or may not be a wave of the future.

None of these products has kept the iPhone from dominating the sales punch of Apple. While all of these other products are growing in significance, the company is increasingly leaning on the iPhone for most of its profit. The introduction this month of the iPhone 6s is evidence that Apple realizes that the phone is the main stimulus of Apple sales.

Apple declined to comment to news projections that the upcoming event will be the venue for introducing an update of Apple TV and a bigger-screen iPad. Since iPad sales have recently been declining the need to solidify the sales of their most lucrative product, the iPhone, is imperative. The introduction of the new iPhone 6s is undoubtedly timed to meet this company priority.

The iPhone 6 upgrade coming soon will highlight the 6s perhaps in hopes of providing a jumpstart to Apple’s technology momentum. With the rising popularity of Samsung and other competitors, the new 6s may prove to be a winning move if the negatives can be overcome.

By Lloyd Gardner


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Featured Photo courtesy of Karlls Dambrans Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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