iPhone6S Is the NEW Smartphone of Choice


It is that time of year again, when the leaves begin to fall, and Apple delivers on its announced plans to release the new iPhone6S. The announcement came on Sept. 12, 2015, in San Francisco, CA, in which the tech giant used the event to display all of their new tech toys. However, most of the attention was drawn to the company’s flagship item, the iPhone. Sticking with the traditional incremental upgrade in the odd year, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus that made its début last year will serve as the basis for this year’s new model line-up, the iPhone6S and 6S plus. However, this year’s model is set to impress like no other, boasting new features like 3D touch, a highly anticipated 12MP camera, and live photos, along with a power packed operating system and dubbed iOS9, iPhone6S is the new smartphone of choice.

According to CNET, the new iPhones are 70 percent faster than last year’s model because a third-generation 64-bit A9 chip powers the new generation of iPhone. Better screen protection is possible due to the strongest glass in the industry, which is based on a material that is extremely hard to crack. The design of the new iPhone is nearly the same in terms of feel, and other than the new rose gold color option, there is no other way to distinguish the iPhone6 from the iPhone6S without a meticulous inspection.

The early September event also meant the option to pre-order the new iPhone6s, providing the wide-eyed early adopters an opportunity to be among the first to receive the new devices after they are shipped on Sept. 25, 2015. The option to pre-order the new iPhone6S is a nice touch for new Apple users, and it is the best way to avoid shipping delays because of the expected large demand. For this year, according to iDrop News, the pre-orders have been extremely positive around the world. Indicating sales are on track to beat the posted sales records from last year. In some countries, customers have already received updated status messages that have gone from ‘processing item’ to ‘preparing for shipment.’ Although the official ship date is Sept. 25, 2015, a few pre-ordering customers in Canada, France, the U.K., and Germany will receive their new iPhone6S shipments sooner than expected.

There are a number of reasons to and upgrade or switch to the new iPhone6S. Most Apple fans need little to no encouragement, however, for others who may be still on the fence, here are three reasons to dive in and purchase the latest edition of the iPhone series, according to the Motley Fool:

Three Reasons to Purchase the New iPhone6s Now

  1. Instead of a 2-year contract some carriers encourage annual updates
    1. This gives the consumer the option to either purchase the phone upfront or pay it off in subsequent monthly installments with no interest.
  2. The new device changes the game again
    1. Although the iPhone6S models look exactly like their predecessors of last year, they are not the same inside. The new iOS9 and included features exclusive to the new devices, along with massive hardware improvements, definitively sets this new device apart.
  3. Now is a better time than later to upgrade
    1. Although the most excitement for the new devices is generated in relation to the day of the announcement and subsequent launch date, the new iPhones are available all year-long. However, to maximize the enjoyment of the phone before the iPhone7 release, it is best to purchase the iPhone6S now to take advantage of the special incentives currently available.

To find the best mobile plans among the top carriers for the new iPhone6S and 6S plus, it has been strongly recommended that consumers should check out T-Mobile and Sprint. Each company has favorable options to attract all consumers, regardless of budget. T-Mobile, for instance, is currently offering a lease plan in which after 18 months of $20 payments, the options are to turn in the phone and owe nothing more, or pay $164 and own the phone free and clear, making the total price of the iPhone6S only $524. An attractive offer from one the nation’s best mobile carriers and it includes one of the nation’s newest smartphones.

It is the latest edition of the Apple iPhone, and since everyone likes to have the most recent, stylish, and innovative devices in technology, choosing to own one is a no-brainer. The iPhone6S is the new smartphone of choice and there are several reasons to choose this one today.

By Jireh Gibson
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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