Reading Aloud Greatly Improves Writing Skills

Revising by Reading Aloud

Revising a writing assignment by reading aloud written drafts in their last stages of completion has helped many writers to greatly improve their writing skills. The simple action of reading aloud my own final drafts has shown me, without any doubt, that this uncomplicated activity of involving the tongue and ear as tools for improving one’s writing skills, has unparalleled value. Reading into a microphone recorder, to another individual, or to a group, contributes more efficiency and it effectively delivers greater results.

LVI’s audio recorder for aspiring journalist makes the task of editing one’s own work, “a piece of cake.” As a result of using this feature, I have been encouraged beyond belief; I was able to see rather quickly how my writing craft improved. By using the practice of revising my final draft by reading aloud and to feel the excitement of being published because of having improved my writing skills with this single tool is quite an empowering experience. You do not have to take my word for it. It is undoubtedly the best guarantee a writer can have to publishing their works. If you are in the market for learning better writing skills, try revising your final drafts by reading aloud. I found that the more times I revised my writing in that fashion, the better my article got!

It is not a new idea.

Putting our bodies into written language by the use of the tongue and ear as tools for perfecting the art of writing has been advocated for many years. Reading aloud to revise the final drafts becomes easier as you do it more frequently. This tool of revising by this method helps with pronunciation because it is tested against the unique inherent ability of tongue and ear to maximize the art of writing. The tongue and ear are the natural centurions at the gate of what goes into the brain. It delivers strength to the idea which the written word wants to deliver.

Hearing myself reading aloud what I had written helped me to notice whether or not I had smoother transitions. Revising by reading aloud helped me to detect where I was stumbling over words or trying too hard to make words fit. The swift transmission of ideas from enigmatic thoughts to captured impression that could be grasped by my brain for understanding helped me to clarify, without effort, where I really wanted to go with my initiative. I felt the power in what I had written as I read aloud. Revising by reading aloud felt like it was unequivocally transmitting with word to the reader exactly what I was trying to convey – feelings and more.

Find someone to read aloud to or do it alone.

Revising by Reading Aloud

I find that revising by reading aloud to someone else is more beneficial. This unique and proven helpful tool to revise your own writing and improve writing skills makes one more aware of possible mistakes, it becomes more apparent to your ear as to where the errors lie or whether or not the transition of sentences is smooth. When you hear the words flowing as if talking to another, the sound transitions help in making your writing more salable.

Revising by reading aloud became an enjoyable task for me. My comprehension of what I was reading increased and the subject matter took on more transparency. I recommend the practice of reading aloud to all aspiring writers as a way of revising their works; they will not only see a great improvement in their writing skills but see more of their works published.

By Jeanette O’Donnal


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