Selena Gomez ‘Revival’: Desperate for Attention as Bieber Cuts Her Off?

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Selena Gomez is just weeks away from releasing her new album Revival and by the look of things, she is having a hard time trying to get people to care for her forthcoming project. Why? Well, it is a given fact that whenever the former Disney starlet had new music in the works, she would make a ton of Justin Bieber references, presumably to boost sales.

But now that the Biebs has reportedly stopped talking to the songstress, it is believed that Gomez’s Instagram shenanigans are part of a new plan to get people talking about her new record. An easier way to understand this is that, with previous albums that the 22-year-old has released, she seemingly always had Bieber by her side. And even when he was not there, she would subliminally reference him in songs, hoping that people will catch on and care.

It has worked for her in the past. What The Heart Wants and Good For You are two of her recent singles which indirectly focus their attention on Bieber. Sources explain that there is an easy understanding as to why Gomez is suddenly exposing herself on Instagram in her underwear, wearing next to nothing in some of the snaps that she has posted.

Bieber and Gomez reunited earlier this year at a hotel in Los Angeles. The twosome were seen swimming together, and it instantly gave people the impression that they were back together. But according to recent reports, Bieber is said to have cut the singer off, having realised that another chance to date his ex-girlfriend is bound to erupt in fights and arguments. If there is anything that Bieber’s fans have learned in recent months, it would be that the 21-year-old has opted to stay away from trouble, and that’s exactly what he is doing.

Too bad on the Naturally pop princess, since she is now clinging on to whatever publicity stunt she can pull off, hoping that it will somewhat help her album sales. It should also be noted that album sales are very important to Gomez. This is her first record under her new deal with Interscope, so execs are most definitely going to keep an eye out to see what the famous 22-year-old can bring to the table. While it is unclear how much the record label have invested in Gomez’s latest album, it would be very unfortunate to see the project flop while the company loses out on expected profits.

Judging from how Interscope is wildly known for dropping artists who do not meet their expectations, it will be interesting to see how Gomez deals with the pressure of promoting her album well enough without having to drag her ex-boyfriend into the mix of things.

Fun fact: Each and every album from the 22-year-old have at least two songs that address her relationship to Bieber, and for the most part, these are usually the singles that end up being picked up for radio airplay. Good For You is the lead single from Gomez’s new album, and it just so happens that it is all about her former relationship to one of the biggest singers in the world. She may have pulled off the Bieber publicity stunt card in the past, but it seems those moves are finally coming to an end now that she has supposedly been cut off for good, sources allege.

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