Sketch of the Shooter Involved in the Robbery at 1797 Sumter St

On August 16, 2015 I Officer T. Thomas responded to a robbery in progress call at 1797 Sumter St. While in route to the call dispatch informed me that an individual had been shot by a black male; that they had heard the shots over the phone while on the phone with the witness. The call was dispatched at 07:37 pm I arrived on scene at 07:41 pm to find the victim a Mr. Michael Lash (678)327-9041 lying in the threshold of his front door between the front porch and the hall way.

He flagged me down as I exited my vehicle and a ran over to him. He stated that he’d been shot by a black male in both of his legs. He also stated that his right leg was broken and that he could not feel his right foot. I observed two gun shot wounds to Mr. Lash’s legs one in his right leg right next to his knee cap. The other wound I observed in his left thigh the round entered the front of his thigh and exited the rear of his left thigh. I rendered what first aid I could seeing that Mr. Lash was showing tell tale signs of going into shock. I informed Mrs. Lash to grab me something stable to set his right leg on due to his leg being broken. She brought back a foot stool and I laid Mr.

Lash down on his back to elevate the wounds above his heart to get blood to flow back towards his core. I then plugged Mr. Lash’s left leg wounds with my fingers. I ordered other officers on scene to get a belt so that we could tourniquet his right leg. I kept talking to Mr. Lash to keep him conscious until Fire and EMS units arrived on scene. Grady Unit 356 and fire arrived on scene arrived shortly after that where I assisted them in placing gauze over the wounds. Officer Donaby was speaking with Whitney Lash (404)428-5575 to attempt at getting information on locating the two Iphones the perpetrators had taken. We were able to track the phones which pinged roughly a quarter of a mile away on Queen St. at La Dawn Ave.

This is the last location the phones pinged before they were turned off. Investigator Jackson (5223) arrived on scene as well as Sgt. Schimmel (3293), Sgt. Williams (3294) and Night Commander Major Glazier (13) to assist with the investigation. We located 3 shell casing from a .40 caliber pistol as well as 2 slugs inside the residence. The first shell casing was located by the victim next to the stairs of the residence in the main hallway. The first slug was located in the living room off of the main hallway after it had ricocet off the floor and passed through the drywall of the living room. We located the 2nd and 3rd shell casings in the living room right off the main hall and in the kitchen. We located 2 $1 dollar bills in the yard in front of the house which I took down to Id to have them processed for prints.

A broken cigarette lighter converter was located in the front yard along with a cell phone charger. Officer Commerce followed Grady Bus 356 down to Grady to do a follow up with the victim and witness. Id Tech Burt (7346) arrived on scene to process the evidence we had found. I did an initial canvas of the area and spoke with multiple witnesses who wished to remain anonymous who stated that the witnessed 2 black males one in a red shirt and one in a yellow shirt enter the yard and speak with the victim who was on the porch as they passed by the house in their vehicle. They also observed two males across from the location standing by the street; one had on a blue shirt, but the witnesses could not identify what the other male was wearing. The victim stated that the male with the yellow shirt had shot him and that they had come up to ask him for a car jack to fix their vehicle. The male had a short afro and tattoos on his face along with piercings on his face. See Officer Commerce supplement for further information on the males. The witnesses stated they heard 3 gunshots come from inside the location. I was able to locate two houses near the location that had cameras that pointed out towards the street. The residents of those locations while be calling CID to help further the investigation. Id was unable to lift any latent prints from the location. Officer Donaby gave out a lookout of the suspects to radio. We were able to secure the residence with the help of Jessica Huffman the mother of the witness who took into her possession a wedding ring, garage door opener, and a computer hard drive. Nothing further to report at this time.

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