‘The Big Bang Theory’ Cast Returns for a New Season

The Big Bang Theory
The Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) has announced that The Big Bang Theory‘s ninth season will air Sept. 21, 2015.  The new season of The Big Bang Theory brings back last season’s cast members to both entertain and to lighten viewers’ days with their humor.

In 2007, CBS introduced its audience to the hit series. The characters were:

  • Leonard Hofstadter played by Johnny Galecki;
  • Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons;
  • The character Penny is brought to life by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting;
  • Howard Wolowitz is portrayed by Simon Helberg
  • and, Kunal Nayyar stars as Raj Koothrappali.

Also returning in 2015, the two female actresses who portray Bernadette Rostenkowski and Amy Farrah Fowler. Rostenkowski is played by Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik stars as Fowler.

At the end of Season 8, The Big Bang Theory‘s character, Amy Fowler, broke off her dating relationship with Cooper. They dated for five seasons and their relationship progressed despite Cooper’s fears of intimacy. During a Skype session, Cooper is told by his girlfriend that she deserves a better boyfriend. In the very last seconds of the program, he opens his desk drawer and pulls out an engagement ring. He wonders aloud about what he is going to do with it now.

The main cast of The Big Bang Theory cast returns for the ninth season. Below are mini-biographies of the cast members.

Galecki has been in many movies, starred in two hit television programs, and has been seen on several others. Other than The Big Bang Theory, he is also known for his character, David, in Roseanne. Additionally, he has performed on stage. In 2007, he won Outstanding Broadway Debut for his performance in The Little Dog Laughed. The 40-year-old was born in Belgium and immigrated to the U.S. with his family when he was three years old. He began acting at Chicago’s Goodman Theater when he was seven.

Cuoco-Sweeting is 29-years-old. Not only is she currently performing in The Big Bang Theory, but she also works with William Shatner in Priceline.com television commercials. She is primarily a television actress. When she was a teenager, she was in 8 Simple Rules between 2002 and 2005, which was her first major starring role. Cuoco-Sweeting has also been a guest star in several other television programs.

Parsons has won four Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award. Each award was based on his performances in The Big Bang Theory. The 42-year-old actor began developing scripts and performing them at home when he was a young boy. He started learning piano when he was in kindergarten and Parsons plays the theme song in the current hit series. He has performed in other programs and on stage. Parsons was the alien’s voice in the hit movie, Home, in 2015.

Nayyar was raised in India and London. In 1999, he moved to Portland, Oregon to begin college and then graduated from Temple University in Pennsylvania with a master’s degree. He is a television actor, film star, and has performed on stage. Additionally, he has penned a memoir entitled, Yes, My Accent Is Real: And Some Other Things I Haven’t Told You. The book should be published sometime in late 2015.The Big Bang Theory

Helberg has appeared on numerous television programs. His is an alum of New York University–Tisch School of the Arts. The actor and his wife, Jocelyn Towne, directed We’ll Never Have Paris. The comedy/romance film was released in January 2015. Not only did Helberg star in the movie, but he also wrote the story.

Bialik began acting in the 1980s when she was a young child. She is best known for her starring role on Blossom, which premiered on July 5, 1990, and ran for five seasons. She was in a horror film entitled Pumpkinhead and guest starred on several television programs. The actress is also known for her Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Her additional education credits include a B.S. in Hebrew and Jewish Studies. Bialik joined the cast of The Big Bang Theory at the end of the third season.

Rauch has appeared in programs such as The Office and True Blood among others. She first appeared in The Big Bang Theory in the third season and became a full-time cast member in Season 4. She also has many film credits in her career file. Moreover, she is also billed as a writer, director, and singer. Born in New Jersey, Rauch is 25-years-old.

The cast returns for the new season of The Big Bang Theory, which will air in September on Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The program will air on Mondays until Nov. 5, 2015, at which time it will return to its usual Thursday night primetime spot on CBS.

By Cathy Milne
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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