Community Summary Officer Involved Shooting 3600 Penelope

130603094150_officer-involvedSeptember 3, 2015 @ 5:00 pm.: On August 27, 2015, Witness Davis drove Subject Davis to a location at 1600 Fitzhugh Ave. to purchase narcotics where he became involved in a disturbance. Subject Davis then produced a pistol and used it to threaten other persons at the Fitzhugh location. He became involved in a disturbance and was cut on the hand.

Witness Davis (who is the Subject’s wife) stated that she then drove Subject Davis to the residence at the 3600 block of Penelope Street. Subject Davis entered the residence and began a disturbance with a male witness, who ran out of the location and called the police. The male witness reported the confrontation and added that Subject Davis was setting the residence on fire. A robbery in progress call sheet was generated and officers were dispatched.

The initial officers who arrived at the scene observed Subject Davis walk from behind the residence, which was now on fire. The subject was verbally non-compliant. Other officers and DFR responded to the scene. They attempted to place Subject Davis in handcuff, when he became violent and fought the officers. Officers deployed their TASERs which were ineffective on Subject Davis.

Subject Davis remained combative and entered his wife’s vehicle. Officers observed Subject Davis holding a gun and one of the officers discharged his weapon, striking Subject Davis. DFR paramedics began treating the subject and found a box cutter in his waistband. Subject Davis was pronounced deceased a short time later at Baylor Hospital. A black gun was found in that vehicle. The gun resembles a semi-automatic pistol, but is a pellet gun.

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