Tom Jones Announces Run for U.S. Senator

2015-8-20 Tom johns-3Las Vegas, NV–Tom Jones announced that he will run for the Senate seat vacated by Harry Reid in the upcoming 2016 elections. Republican Joe Heck and Democrat Catherine Cortex have already announced that they will run. Therefore, this will be a very competitive race for control of the Senate.

Dr. Heck and PAC supporting him are already spending huge amounts of money. They are flooding television, radio, and internet with his commercials and sending out emails daily. If this is any indication of the money that will be spent on this race, it will be a very expensive campaign.

When interviewed, Mr. Jones stated, “As a retired 75 year old successful business man, I really don’t plan on running again. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about me being influenced by political pressure. Of course, as a man of integrity, you can be sure that I will keep my campaign promises and fight for your unalienable Rights. You can trust me to uphold the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights. I am pro gun rights and believe in God. I am against tax increases, illegal immigration, and “Big Brother” government which is taking away your liberty and freedom.”

Chairman of the Clark County Independent Party from 2012-2015, Mr. Jones has been very active politically and has run for office 2 other times. During his tenure, the Independent American Party has been the fastest growing party in Nevada.

Mr. Jones officially started his campaign for the Senate seat on August 1, 2015. He has taken part in the “Goldfield Days” event in Goldfield, Nevada by being in the Goldfield Days Parade. Goldfield Days is an Annual 3 day event which celebrates our rich history. It started on July 31, 2015, and ended on August 2, 2015. It included Parades, Land Auctions, Live Music & Street Dancing, Pet Parade, Antiques, Crafts, Food, Beer Garden, Old West Gunfights, Miner’s Liar Contest, Horseshoes, Old Fashioned Children’s Games, Western BBQ And MUCH, MUCH More!

While he admits that he will have hundreds of thousands of dollars less than his opponents, he will use social media and grassroots campaigning to get his message out to the voters. By stressing that we must return to our Godly roots and uphold the United States Constitution, he believes that voters will realize that he is the best candidate.

Many Democrats and Republicans are unhappy with their parties because of the record breaking tax increase in Nevada passed in 2015. The voters rejected a similar tax in 2014 when they voted 87% against it. Politicians have been breaking their campaign promises for years and this is no exception. No wonder the approval rating of the United States Congress was as low as 15% last year.

According to Mr. Jones: “Our forefathers risked their lives to give us our freedom and liberty. Our veterans also risked their lives to protect our freedom and liberty. Don’t be afraid to risk your vote to save our freedom and liberty.”

Tom is asking the voters to have the courage to risk their vote and vote for him.

By DiMarkco Chandler

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