Tyga ‘Stimulated’ Video: Blac Chyna Mocks Kylie Jenner’s Kissing Skills



Tyga’s infamous video release for his newest single, Stimulated, has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way — his ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna, in particular. According to several reports, Chyna thought the music video was absolutely ridiculous as it finally confirms what everybody has known for months. Tyga and Kylie Jenner are dating.

While the relationship has reportedly gone on for over a year, the video was the first time that the Hollywood duo even gave some kind of public acknowledgment to their discreet relationship. But with Jenner’s recent 18th birthday celebration, she is legally allowed to date whoever she wants. Too bad that Tyga’s baby mother is still in the way of letting the couple live their lives, having reportedly found many flaws in her ex’s music video, which sees him sharing kisses and cuddles with his 18-year-old girlfriend.

Chyna, who has heavily weighed in on her child’s father dumping her for an underage girlfriend, is being very critical on Tyga’s latest project, having allegedly laughed at the scenes that featured Jenner in the music video. The former stripper thought the snippets where the reality star and her beau shared intimate kisses were laughable, to say the least.

“[Blac] thought Tyga and Kylie’s kissing scenes looked ‘amateurish’ at best,” the source openly admitted. “It’s obvious that Kylie could use some kissing lessons from Blac Chyna. And if her awkward kissing is any indication of her skills in the bedroom, Kylie needs some more practice,” the insider concluded, insinuating that Jenner is no competition for Chyna.

Recent reports have revealed that Tyga and Chyna have not been on good terms since the 25-year-old rapper decided to dump the 27-year-old for Jenner, who was said to have been 16 when their romance first started to receive a lot of buzz in the media. They have had problems trying to figure out when their son, Cairo, gets to visit his dad since Chyna finds it inappropriate to have Jenner anywhere around her child. She reportedly thinks that the couple’s relationship is setting a bad example for the two-year-old. The irony of it all is that Chyna is a former stripper — what example is she setting for her son?

While the relationship between Tyga and Jenner may have been inappropriate for the fact that they have supposedly been together since she was 16, they have kept a relatively low profile, and have not (as of yet) marketed their romance for publicity, other than in this music video. Kris Jenner totally approves of her daughter’s relationship to the 25-year-old — presumably because he bought the socialite a $320,000 Ferrari for her 18th birthday.

While it would not be easy for anybody to accept the fact they have been dumped for an underage girlfriend, Chyna has gone with the idea that slamming the couple will somehow make her look good to the public. She could not be further from the truth.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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