Zayn Malik Allegedly Sending Nude Photos to Lily Allen: Couple Dating?



Zayn Malik has reportedly been sending nude photos to Lily Allen, giving close friends the impression that they are officially dating. The singer, who was just recently spotted on a date with Rita Ora, is said to have kicked things off with Allen over the last couple of days. Sources further reveal how the former One Direction member has had a crush on the British songstress for years and certainly does not want to let this opportunity go to waste.

Malik is no stranger to dating older women, so his huge crush does not come as a surprise to die-hard fans who have followed his journey since his X Factor days. The Sun reports that the 22-year-old has recently gotten in contact with Allen, who has not shied away from the idea of dating a man that is eight years younger than her. In fact, according to a source for the news outlet, she has openly bragged about having received naked photos from the singer himself.

“Zayn fancies Lily and has made that very clear. He has even sent her X-rated pics and raunchy texts which Lily has told quite a few people in her close circle about. She’s flattered,” an insider for the British newspaper reveals. Nobody was even aware of the fact that these two knew each other, seeing that one does not usually send nude photos of themselves to someone that they have only known for a couple of days. Or better yet, no nude photos at all.

It seems that fans agree with the fact that Malik is starting to show a completely different side to himself; perhaps the real side that has been dying to come out. His departure from One Direction was very abrupt, leaving the band on their own to finish off their world tour without any notice in advance. A few weeks later, it was confirmed that the 22-year-old had signed a solo deal with RCA, leaving his former bandmates in a bigger shock, despite having openly congratulated Malik on his achievement.

But aside from his solo career plans, another scandal that came his way was the untimely breakup to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards. The couple was planning to wed sometime next year, having already decided to purchase a house together in London right after their hectic summer work schedule was to come to an end. But Edwards was left blindsided when she received a text from Malik that stated he was no longer interested in her, consequently ending their engagement without a phone call — just a text.

Since then, Malik has subliminally shamed Little Mix on Twitter for not being as good as their rivalry group Fifth Harmony, while Edwards recently cried her eyes out during a live performance of The End. The 22-year-old has realised that the man she had spent four years of her life with was not the guy she thought he was.

It seems puzzling to think that with all these scandals surrounding Malik, why would he now take it one step further and send naked photos of himself to Allen? After all, the two are not even in a relationship yet. If Allen wants to be malicious, she could easily leak those photos and make the singer look bad, ruining his reputation even more. Is this going to have a good ending?

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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