Taylor Swift ‘Cheating With Backup Dancer,’ Calvin Harris Romance Staged?



Taylor Swift has enjoyed so much success when it comes to her music career, but the same cannot be said for her private life, as new reports allege that the songstress is cheating on Calvin Harris with her backup dancer. The Style hitmaker has been raising a lot of eyebrows on her 1989 world tour after having gotten “very cozy” with one of her dancers, an insider claims.

While it seems strange to think that Swift would suddenly hook up with her backup dancer while she is dating a public figure like Harris, a lot of speculation has surrounded the couple’s romance over the last couple of months on whether their romance is just one big publicity stunt to begin with. The 25-year-old has an amazing PR team who would never let her face such an embarrassing scandal without making Swift appear as the victim. This has been evident in Swift’s feuds with Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry.

“Although she’s dating DJ Calvin Harris, sources say Taylor Swift may have a side dish,” a source for NaughtyGossip reveals. “Insiders on her tour say she has gotten VERY cozy with one of her male backup dancers and that they have a ton of chemistry,” insinuating that the time away from Harris is bringing her closer to this particular dancer on her tour.

The male dancer’s name is never mentioned by the source. This could be because the people running Swift’s tour do not want the story to become bigger than what it is, or because there is no story to begin with. Still, considering the idea that Swift and Harris are nothing more than a staged couple who are willing to hold hands in public for more attention would not surprise anyone.

Hollywood is known for staged relationships — especially when one person has something to promote; whether that is a new album, a new song, or even a world tour. Kendall Jenner famously “dated” Harry Styles when they were spotted on multiple dates together. It just so happened that One Direction’s second album was expected for its North American release just a week later, while Jenner’s family reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, would air that following Sunday.

A user on Twitter has expressed his theory to be that Swift could be dating the backup dancer, adding that he may even be her real boyfriend. But until her tour comes to an end, she will be willing to continue faking her romantic relationship to her ever-so-successful DJ beau, who rarely shows his love and affection for the Shake It Off songstress. At least in public.

The Nashville-born artist has been linked to so many Hollywood stars in recent years that people are bound to think her romance to Harris is either staged or another one that will bite the dust before the end of the year. And then, like the user on Twitter has said, that is when she will introduce the world to her new boyfriend, only to then go on and dump him, and write a few hit songs about the failed relationship. It is a never-ending cycle with Tay-Tay.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy.


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