Canada Chooses Trudeau to Lead Nation by Surprising Landslide


Canada has chosen Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party to lead the nation by surprising landslide election results. The highly anticipated election in Canada is now over, and the outcome was surprisingly decisive in favor of the Liberal Party, led by Justin Trudeau, the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who served as a high-profile prime minister from the late 1960’s and into 1984, with some interruptions during that time. The young, 43-year-old son of the former prime minister will himself taste the highest office in Canadian politics, as Trudeau is now the Prime Minister-designate. He will become the second youngest prime minister in Canada’s history.

After the election results showed that he and his party had won the election decisively, Trudeau spoke to supporters in Montreal. He reinforced the power of a positive message, echoing the words of former Canadian Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier, advocating “sunny ways” for the nation, as he pledged to advance significant change for the country.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, speaking to his supporters in Calgary, conceded defeat, and took sole responsibility for the disappointment that Canadians felt, which led to this surprising election result. He stated that it was a tremendous honor to lead Canada, as he has served in the top office for over nine years. There is speculation that Harper will resign from his leadership position in the Conservative Party although he promised that the Conservative would rise again someday in the future.

The election had come to be seen as more or less a referendum on Harper’s leadership. Polls had shown that Harper’s popularity had been waning and that he and his party were indeed vulnerable. The election results verified that Harper was in political trouble. Harper and the Conservative had focused on Trudeau’s youth and repeatedly suggested that the young Liberal Party leader simply did not have enough experience to lead the country. That message, however, proved ineffective and fell on deaf ears for a majority of voters. Canada instead chose Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party to lead the nation with a surprising landslide in the election, underscoring just how urgently Canadians were itching for a change in leadership.

With Canada having decisively chosen Trudeau and his Liberal Party to lead the nation by such a surprising landslide, there will be considerable speculation about what changes he will bring to Canada.  Among some of the key points in his platform, he wants to increase government spending and pump that extra money into rebuilding Canada’s infrastructure in an effort to boost the economy. He is expected to raise taxes on wealthy Canadians and had often criticized the tax policies of Harper and the Conservatives as favoring the rich. Trudeau also wants the country to take in more refugees and wants to reform the election system. He also has urged Canadians to view the examples of the states of Washington and Colorado in their efforts to legalize marijuana, and there is much speculation that Trudeau will soon try to legalize it in Canada.

By Charles Bordeau


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Image courtesy of Joseph Morris’s Flickr page – Justin Trudeau | Corporate Video Production Toronto  – Creative Commons License

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