DL Hughley Speaks on Lamar Odom’s Addiction While Challenging Master P

OdomComedian D. L. Hughley became passionate as he addressed the accusations of Master P who stated Kobe Bryant could have done more for Lamar Odom. The rapper called Bryant a fake friend and blamed him for not saving Odom’s life. In turn, Hughley slammed the producer for playing the blame game and acting as if Odom bears no responsibility in his current state.

As Odom remains in critical condition many of his loved ones, including family and friends, have offered support, prayers, and well-wishes. Word traveled fast after the former player was found unconscious, and as soon as Bryant heard about his former teammate’s tragedy, he rushed to his side. In a major rant to the paparazzi, Master P publicly slammed the NBA player saying he could have done more if Odom was really his friend. The producer claimed Kobe only went to the hospital for a publicity stunt void of true concern. While playing the blame game, he ranted:

It is a sad situation. I was like a mentor to him and it is sad to see what is going on. It goes to show when something happens to you everybody loves you and is your friend. All Lamar wanted to do was play basketball. Kobe was his friend, he owned the team. He could have gotten the man back on the team. That is all he wanted. Even in that situation, I think he was just searching for love. His biggest problem was…where were the people that he showed love to? He has a big heart. It is all just phony, man.

Hughley said Master P’s accusation is ridiculous and unfounded. Kobe is not responsible for Odom. He is an adult who made choices in life. Unfortunately, those decisions have him fighting for is life in a hospital. But this is not Bryant’s fault because nothing he could have done would have saved his friend until Odom was truly ready for a change.Odom

The actor wanted to know, “How responsible are you for someone else’s addiction?” To accuse Bryant of not saving his friend is preposterous. Hughley was not just talking as an onlooker but from personal experience.  The Hughleys actor shared his own story of a cousin who he loves dearly that is dealing with the overwhelming power of drug addiction. Hughley explained how he spent time in denial and even overlooked things he knew his cousin was doing while continuing to hope, pray, give and whatever else he could do in hopes that his cousin would get better. He even paid off a dope dealer who threatened to kill his cousin in order to save his life. The King of Comedy explained:

Anybody that knows anyone who has had a substance abuse problem knows you cannot pray, pry, talk, guilt or give anything that will change them. All the stuff you do for people with an addiction, it still is not enough to make them better. To say all Odom wanted to do was play basketball is not true, all he wanted to do was get high. You cannot just take something from someone when they feel like they have got to have it. It cannot be just you doing something, at some point they must participate in their own recovery. Whenever someone is rich and they do not go to rehab, they are not ready to give it up.

Hughley admitted it is unfortunate that Odom is in this situation, just as it would be for anyone else. However, to blame another person for not doing more is not fair. People have their own issues to deal with and their “devils” do not just pause and allow time for them to concentrate all of their efforts on another individual. The actor said that is not how life works. The end of the matter, according to Hughley, is either they get better, which is rare or they end up dead or in jail.

The words of Hughley ring true as he shed light on the challenges surrounding addiction while confronting the allegations of Master P. No one knows what the outcome of Odom’s situation will be, but most agree that it is sad. Hughley passionately described the former player’s current reality and said the producer’s accusations toward Bryant are unfounded and unfair; this is not the time to play the blame game. The 35-year-old is still unconscious after being found in a Nevada brothel on Oct. 13.  His family, including the Kardashian clan, remains by his side while many fans and celebrities continue to send well-wishes via social media.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Hollywood Life: Master P Slams Kobe Bryant: You Could Have Saved Lamar Odom

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