Donald Trump Is Un-American

Donald Trump

NBC News declared on Oct. 7, 2015, that it had been 112 days since Donald Trump was asked, “Do you really want to be President [sic]?” Trump continuously avoids this question. He simply repeats that he wants to “make America great again.” Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, told NBC News, “Mr. Trump will be on the ballot in every state.” Even still, NBC News reports that people are continually asking when the capitalist is going to drop out of the presidential race. Since announcing his candidacy, he has said that if his numbers dive, he will drop out of the race. It is un-American of him to only continue running as a presidential candidate as long as the polls are in his favor. 

Trump continuously boasts of his numbers in the polls. He announced to the 1,100 people in the Waterloo Ballroom that he was satisfied now and it would be fine if his numbers plateaued. NBC News states that this campaign is not different from any other, once one learns “Trump speak,” NBC’s term for his body language.

Newspapers refer to the capitalist as a “bully on the playground,” and he is growing stronger. His attacks toward Marco Rubio have politicians thinking they were his best moves thus far. Rubio is younger and more charming. His parents are Cuban immigrants, and he has political experience as a senator. Rubio could become the next Republican on the ballot. However, Trump calls him names, such as “kid,” which could create doubt among older voters concerning Rubio. His Senate voting record has also been challenged publicly. President George Washington would be humiliated by Trump’s unprofessional and un-American behavior. Is this the positive role-model needed for today’s youth?

Donald Trump
Republican Candidate Marco Rubio

Trump does not have a voting record or political experience, but cutting down his strongest opponent may just keep him in the race simply by creating doubt in the minds of voters. He speaks with a forked tongue by insulting the other Republican candidates, then saying they are nice people and he likes them, which certainly does not coincide with his behavior. His insults and bullying character, however, has won him free press.

In response to Trump’s most recent free press reports about his “Exit Strategy,” he announced, “I love this. I love the people. I love the country. We’re never, ever getting out of this deal – never ever…We’ll take it to Cleveland where they have the [GOP] convention. And afterwards we’re going to beat Hillary [Clinton] or whoever it is so bad – so bad.” this statement seems to suggest that his run for candidacy is not going to end until he arrives at the White House.

During his hour-long speech in the North Atlanta Trade Center, Trump bragged and bullied, which has now become America’s expectation of him. His spiel was predominantly insults coupled with the capitalist puffing out his chest. Jeb Bush does not have the energy. Carly Fiorina is the worst CEO in history. Marco Rubio sweats too much to meet with President Vladimir Putin. The country’s current leaders are inefficient and foolish.

Trump plans to put an end to all current trade agreements. America is being ripped off and, therefore, there will be new negotiations made by the best arbitrators on Wall Street. He says they are already lined up and ready to go.

The capitalist wishes to build a “pretty” wall across the Mexican border because he believes the wall will be named after him. The wall will be too tall to climb and it will be paid for by Mexico because, according to Trump, they owe America money. He did make sure to tell the crowd he loves Mexican people. Thousands of immigrants work for him. Do they have green cards? Did he hire them for less than minimum wage?

He has decided that Mexico has smarter leaders than those currently in the White House. He believes that drugs are pouring across the border into America from Mexico due to the leadership on both sides. Mexico, however, is the one making the money.

Trump told the crowd that there was not enough room to fit all the people who wanted to hear him speak at the North Atlanta Trade Center. He said there were people waiting outside that were unable to get in. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) reported that was untrue, but Trump says he is not a politician. Exaggeration is the first step. Talking a lot and not saying anything is the next. The third would be talking out of both sides of his mouth. The fourth is talking just to hear the sound of one’s own voice. He certainly sounds like a politician.

He boasted that running for president has been easy for him. He also stated he is spending his own money and turning down offers from special interest groups. Trump claims to be the only candidate funding their own campaign. In Iowa, Trump promised that even if he took all of the millions of dollars offered to him, he would not do any favors for the special interest groups. Therefore, Iowa told him not to take the money.

Donald Trump
2008 GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

The capitalist criticized previous Republican candidates, such as Mitt Romney, who “failed America by losing.” Romney did not inspire people to vote and that is why Obama took the presidency. Trump has previously backed Democrats, he said, because he was a businessman and supported whoever benefited him the most. It seems that Trump is still all about taking care of himself.

He claims to be the central focus of the media. He absolutely is the ringmaster of his own three-ring circus. As long as he is entertaining, people and reporters will show up to hear whatever asinine things he will say next. Trump is exhibiting un-American behavior. He is not for the people or about the people; he simply enjoys the attention.

Trump proclaimed in his speech that he does not need to be president, but he is the only one who can make America great again. The capitalist bragged that his television ratings are the highest anyone has seen in years.

The press is dishonest, Trump told the crowd, saying they would not even film the audience to show the “thousands” of people who were in Georgia to hear him speak.  He warned there will be a lot of press against him, so the other candidates could gain influence like he has done, but “The Donald” does not blame them. However, he emphasized to the crowd that they are not to believe the campaign advertising.

Donald Trump
Excited Democratic candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton

Trump believes Clinton should not be allowed to run for president. He referred to the system as unfair, saying Clinton should be in jail. Had she been a Republican, she would have been jailed, according to the capitalist.

The Donald showboated about knocking Scott Walker out of the race. Walker was his friend and was favored to win, but he could not go toe-to-toe with Trump. Walker attacked him, and Trumps’s retaliation pushed him out of the race.

Trump has also accused Rick Perry of attacking him. After Perry invited him to Texas and they went to dinner, Perry gave a “vicious” speech against him. Now Perry is out of the race, only because he is dealing with a lawsuit that could land him in prison for up to 99 years, according to Politico. Perry is not out because of the fantasy-laden rants of a blowhard politician wanna-be.

The other candidates, according to Trump, are failed governors and senators. The capitalist was told he did not belong on the same stage with the political candidates. Even so, Trump stated that most of the questions during the Republican debate were addressed to him. Other candidates’ questions would start out as, “Mr. Trump says…what do you think?” The capitalist laughed as he commented that he felt sorry for the other candidates.

The money-making author shamelessly promoted his new book, Crippled America. He says that the country is truly crippled and is wobbling on crutches. It is a good thing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) covers crutches.

According to the real estate magnate, president is the job for him because Trump knows how to create something from nothing. He made a fortune in Manhattan, even though his dad said he was crazy. His dad did give him some money, but not the $200 million which has been reported.

The message Trump has to share, he claims, will be distorted by both the press and money. He called CNN terrible and brutal. This seems odd coming from a person who tears down people to make himself feel bigger. For a man who wants to make our country great again, he exhibits no understanding of the true American way. The U.S. builds each other up and comes together to make positive changes.

He wanted to be sure the crowd at the Atlanta Trade Center knew he was not using teleprompters. He believes no one running should be allowed to use them because people will not be able to tell if they are smart. He does not write speeches, Trump said; he only speaks from the heart.

There will be false messages, he warned, and he does not know if he will stay at the top of the polls. “Club for Growth” approached him and asked for money. According to The Donald, when he said “no,” they started creating attack ads against him, but they did have great pictures of Trump. He acted as if looking good in the attack ads was more important than what damage the chastisement may have caused.

He wants people to remember that the ads to come are phony, and that the press will not say or print how many people are coming out to hear him speak. He asked the press cameras to scan the crowd, and although they did not turn the cameras, they did zoom out. He told them they were dishonest. He firmly believes Americans are fed false information regularly. Journalists are writing in opposition of Trump and looking for his business failures. The capitalist has not been affected by any recessions, and he claims to have continued to make money. The same has to happen with America, he proclaimed.

Donald Trump
Trump Towers

He is focused on the end game, “to make America great again,” and says it will be easy. He has put in for a large tax cut across the board. He plans on cutting Common Core. Trump said America is ranked no. 28 worldwide in education, even though America spends more money per student than any other country. That has to change.

The capitalist wants to build up a strong and powerful military. He believes that right now, the Army is the least prepared it has been in American history. He believes the military sends America’s allies (“thieves,” he called them) brand new Humvees while their own soldiers use old equipment, only to have their allies run away at the first shot, leaving the Humvees behind for the enemy, claimed Trump angrily, adding that America will not have to use its military if it is bigger, stronger, and better prepared.

Trump said it is time to take care of America’s veterans, who are hurting emotionally and physically. He claimed that illegal immigrants are treated better than our own veterans.

The capitalist said he builds beautiful, elegant buildings easily and inexpensively. He claims to know construction better than anyone while America’s infrastructures are crumbling. He can look at any piece of architecture and tell how much it should have cost to build, he says.

He has a great relationship with China. Economics can be balanced in our country by renegotiating trade deals. China is our greatest thief, announced the capitalist. Calling China a thief will hardly be a significant building block to add to this fabulous money-making relationship, or are Americans to believe he has great relationships with thieves?

He fully intends to repeal and replace the ACA, and to fight the “anchor baby” issue and the 14th Amendment. The man who has thousands of Mexicans working for him is against undocumented residents, but he supports legal immigration. The capitalist believes that no one is talking about the massive amount of crime in America, which he attributes to illegal immigrants.

No other candidate would have as many people listening, says The Donald, and those who were would be falling asleep. He claims no one has ever seen anything like what is happening with his campaign. The silent majority is no longer silent, he said. Trump believes he can win over liberals and Democrats because they also want to see America get better.

Trump was sent to the New York Military Academy at the age of 13 because he did not exhibit discipline and self-control. He then went on to Fordham University before transferring to the Wharton School of Finance, and holds a degree in economics. There is nothing in his biography about grades; it only says that he did well at the military academy, however, there seems to be no evidence of that being true. His word choices make him appear uneducated. His child-like self-importance shows him to be immature. His behavior is un-American and makes him a poor role model for the nation’s youth. This man does not belong in the White House.

Opinion by Jeanette Smith

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    This article is nothing more than a hit piece that slants the facts. Donald Trump will be a competent and strong leader for America.


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