Nightmare on Elm Street Coffin [Video]

Elm Street
With a week until Halloween, it is not uncommon to see coffins decorating front yards. There are scarecrows that look scarier than usual sitting on front porches. There are lit Jack-O-Lanterns and cobwebs all over the front of people’s homes to scare children in the night. However, Deedee Oliveira experienced a true “nightmare on Elm Street.” Oliveira recently purchased a home on Elm Street in Mission, Texas. She hired contractors to renovate her new backyard. However, on Thursday morning, Oct. 22, the digging came to a sudden stop when the contractors hit something hard. The contractor described it as a “metal box.” The workers called her father to report the issue. His intention was to move the box quickly, so the contractor could resume digging. However, when Oliveira went to the house to remove the metal box, she was not prepared for what she saw.

Oliveira went to her backyard to remove the box, which was hanging from the backhoe. She could not believe what she saw. It was not a box. What she saw was a four-foot long, rusted coffin. She said there were handles on the side of the coffin and it was wrapped in bags. She called in the authorities. Oliveira said she feared the worst.

Special crime units, detectives, and the Mission Police arrived at the Elm Street home. When the authorities investigated the coffin, small pink bears and little booties were initially found inside the bags. Then, authorities also saw bones that were also wrapped in bags.

The new Elm Street homeowner thought she was living a nightmare. Then, her neighbor remembered the previous owners having a funeral for their family pet on the back lawn. She said it was a cocker spaniel and too small to need the four-foot long coffin. However, the bones found in the coffin were canine. Pictures of the family pet were also inside the coffin with the dog’s bones and toys. Next to the dog’s coffin was a toolbox, which contained cat bones.

Relieved the bones were not human, Oliveira stated that she had known people sometimes buried their pets in their back yards. However, she had not believed she would be digging them up out of her own backyard.

The coffin had been in the backyard for roughly 30 years, according to her Elm Street neighbors. Oliveira was relieved to know the bones were not human. She said if they had been human, “She might have gone crazy.”

After all, “Who can say they have found a coffin in their back yard?” Oliveira asked, from the backyard of her Elm Street home. Relieved to have her nightmare over. The city removed both coffins of bones from her backyard and disposed of them. In the following video, Deedee Oliveira tells her story to a news reporter from her own perspective.

By Jeanette Smith
Edited by Leigh Haugh

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Top Article Image Courtesy of Todd Dailey’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
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