God and War

What I have come to believe about God is that there are many different aspects of God’s spirit and that each person’s opinion of God varies. I believe the world was made out of love. I believe that a major aspect of God is love. I also believe there are centuries of people who believe God never changes and when something new is proposed about God, it can be met with violent opposition. I believe that if the “common” belief and expectation is that there is good in everyone and we are all related in some form.

If we expected our neighbor to say hello or just be a good person, then your expectation and belief about that person are exhibited not only physically but also spiritually. If I could show you support in a same small way by offering a meal if you needed one and I could provide it, clothes if you needed them and I could provide them, or an embrace, a handshake, or kiss on the cheek.

Even if my assistance could not be monetarily, or perhaps you live in another country, and I say a prayer from my heart for you, a message of love sent out for you. I believe my kind words, thoughts, and prayers will reach you somehow. This is because we are all connected and I believe what we choose to see about one another or what another person wants us to see about them is what makes the world whole.

It can be difficult to see the good in one another. It is best to start with the basics and take an outside perspective. Consider these questions–are you a good friend, daughter, son, mother, child, uncle, aunt, grandma, grandpa, niece, nephew, brother, or sister? What skills do you possess? For instance, are you a great artist, handyman, blacksmith, builder, or creator? What are your best personality traits? For example, are you loyal, strong, kind, compassionate, hard-working, determined, etc.? We all started somewhere. These are good places to start to explore the inner workings of one another and ourselves.

What are the redeeming qualities of your nation? Whatever country you hail from, what are your traditions and heritage? What architecture do you have? Food? God? Church? How long did it take to do some of these things? Maybe talking to someone from another country will help you discover things about yourself.

People coming together in peace to offer thanksgiving, praise to God, comfort, and amends for wrongdoing. If I expect someone else to say sorry for the wrongs I have committed, then I start to become an even bigger part of the problem. However, when I realize and acknowledge the wrongs I have committed, I can go to God with sincerity and ask for forgiveness. This can take time because if you have a set of beliefs that differs from another person’s, a subsequent meeting of the minds requires diplomacy. Otherwise, these differences in philosophy and/or morality could result in war as opposed to compromise. For instance, before a war is waged, ask the church for their help and counsel. Do you believe in God? Are you an Agnostic? Perhaps you are an atheist who rejects the notion of a higher power. In my opinion, I believe God has a desire for peace, love, forgiveness, and happiness. What common ground exists for people who have an old world view and those people who have a newer, modern perspective? They are both fighting to be heard, believed, and respected. The final judge about how God is to be seen is a reflection of one’s self.

Opinion and Blog Written by Catherine Gustavson
Edited by Leigh Haugh

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