Starbucks Offers College Scholarship Program

Starbucks offers multiple employee programs for those working for any of the company’s brands. One of the perks is the College Achievement Plan (CAP). According to Alabama Media, the corporation announced it now offers the employee scholarship program to family members of those workers who are either veterans or current members of the U.S. Military.

CAP provides eligible employees, also called partners, full tuition for Arizona State University (ASU). All partners, who work in the U.S., qualify for the plan once they are eligible for benefits. A partner’s spouse, child, or domestic partner are granted full access to the university program if the employee is associated with the U.S. Armed Services.


According to Starbucks, the collaboration with ASU is “a first of its kind.” A full scholarship is offered for every year a student is in college working toward a bachelor’s degree. Students are provided round-the-clock tutoring as well as support from educational coaches and advisers. ASU offers over 50 programs in an array of subjects. Doctor Michael Crow, who is the Arizona State University president, described the program as “the new gold standard for online education.”

A partner who wants to participate in the program is required to apply to and be accepted by the university. The person must apply for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) and work with the financial aid as well as counseling departments to complete all necessary steps for enrollment. Between FAFSA and the CAP scholarship, all tuition is covered. Additionally, there is a CAP reimbursement program that will help with money a student must pay out-of-pocket, including some fees.

Upon graduation, the partner has the option of continuing their career with Starbucks or choose to look elsewhere for employment. The opportunities at the coffee company are not limited to serving beverages and snacks to consumers. Here is a sampling of the jobs available:

  • At the corporate level, administrative support, business development, legal, and marketing are a few positions one could choose.
  • At the retail level, leadership roles include management of stores, district manager, and team leader. Also, a person could choose to work as a barista.
  • There are many positions available at the manufacturing level, including engineering.
  • Distribution offers a variety of jobs. The company not only ships to their stores, but to grocery outlets, other retail companies, and online stores. Additionally, Starbucks offers their products for sale directly to consumers.
  • There are also many other brands that the company owns where a person can choose to work.
  • Many other positions are also available globally.

The Starbucks website details the employee benefits as a “Total Pay Package,” which they call, “Your Special Blend.” Each is tailored to the needs of the partner. A benefits-eligible employee is one who works at least 20 hours per week. Other than the fully paid college scholarship for Arizona State University, there are many other perks when working for Starbucks and any of their brands.

By Cathy Milne
Edited by Shepherd Mutsvara

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