Immigration Ideas Shared by Donald Trump and Sharron Angle

Immigration reform ranks high on the list of major issues in 2016, as Republicans compete to win the White House. Donald Trump, a major voice for immigration reform has a message much like that of Sharron Angle in 2010. Angle, who mounted a “yuuuge” campaign to unseat Nevada’s Harry Reid, in the end was unsuccessful in her effort.

The two campaigns brought in over 50 million dollars with Angle having a slight advantage with funding. Grassroots conservatives from every state were Angle’s primary donors. Reid, on the other hand, gathered much of his funding from special interest groups. In 2015, special interest funding and the use of super PAC’s came under scrutiny, mostly because of Trump. He has made blistering comments condemning the funding apparatus that ultimately controls the candidates they fund. Trump reminds his supporters in nearly every event speech that he is self-funding. Americans seem to buy into this idea as a superior method of campaigning. While he accepts small donations from the people who support “The Donald,” he refuses donations from special interest groups and lobbyists.


On immigration, Trump and Angle seem to share the premise that securing our borders is a priority. Angle, who campaigned on such in 2010, was less successful than Trump, fighting the well-orchestrated media frenzy that painted Angle as an extremist. Five years later, Trump and his message of building a wall is resonating. Since Angle campaigned on the issue in 2010, things have become far worse. Sources close to the Angle campaign insist she, “was before her time” and now Americans are ready to secure our borders to remain a sovereign country.

Like Trump, Angle respects and welcomes legal immigration. In an interview with this author she stated, “The need to secure our borders is more necessary than ever. The federal government is charged with protecting our borders and the American people and we are not seeing any progress with the current leadership. I believe it is one of the main reasons Donald Trump is so popular.”

When asked if the rumors of mounting another run for the U.S. Senate were true, Angle responded, “If Donald Trump wins, he is going to need like-minded senators, particularity on immigration, to back his plans. Certainly I share his idea to make America Great Again.”

By Lucy Lane
Edited by Jeanette Smith

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Featured Image Courtesy of  Michael Vadon – Creative Commons License
Inline Image Courtesy of Sharron Angle – Back Lot Media

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