Connie Foust Will Serve and Protect Assembly District 19

Connie Foust

Conservative Connie Foust will face Republican incumbent, Chris Edwards in the 2016 primary election for Assembly District 19 (AD 19). Her candidacy, widely endorsed by the Mesquite community, is arguably premised on serving and protecting AD19 residents. According to Foust, these residents have lived with the pain of broken promises from the current and previous Assemblypersons and it is time that she serve and protect Carson City. She will bank on the experience gained whilst working in several government departments to unseat the incumbent.

Chuck Muth, the president of Citizen Outreach, Las Vegas, has labeled Foust as the “right kind of Conservative” who believes in a limited and efficient government. Before her resignation as president of the Virgin Valley Tea Party in Mesquite, Foust inculcated the virtues of conservatism and educated the public on national issues. She also reached out to the voters despite their political affiliation in efforts to educate them on the importance of holding politicians accountable. Those who have closely worked with her acknowledge that she will lead with integrity and maternal wisdom as she cherishes the family unit.

Announcing her candidature on her 69th birthday on Oct. 22, 2015, the future Assemblywoman said she was not a fork-tongued politician. “You will not see negative posts about my opponent,” she wrote on her campaign site page. She went on to say that the main reason  she is running for office is to “address issues that are of concern to AD19 voters and the health and welfare of the State of Nevada as a whole.” Foust’s intention is to serve and protect Assembly District 19.


The worst nation’s evils, which do not spare Carson City, remain taxation and unemployment. According to Foust, when politicians get into office after promising the electorate to reduce taxes they should keep their word. During the 2015 legislative session, the Nevada State Assembly sponsored 32 tax bills, which was in stark contrast to the promises made to the electorate. The incumbent Assemblyman has also been blamed for voting in favor of tax increases in 26 of these bills, which was not his promise when he courted voters for his AD19 legislative seat.

Foust Firmly Believes:

  1. AD19 requires a principled Conservative.
  2. RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) have failed to serve and protect AD 19.
  3. The Nevada Revenue Plan (AB 464) which raised taxes to solve education problems is a cover up for poor leadership.
  4. Education problems in Nevada should not be solved through raising taxes.
  5. Before raising taxes, it is important for elected leaders to “identify and fix” any abuse of taxpayers money.
  6. Public expenditure should be accounted for through annual “zero-based” budgeting.

Just like Assemblyman Ira Hansen, R-Sparks, Foust strongly believes that the tax bills passed by the Nevada State Assembly are “disgraceful” and are against the wishes of the voters. Speaking to reporters after the passage of the Nevada Revenue Plan in May 2015, Hansen warned that “voters [are] wise and they probably have more wisdom than elected officials.” In her campaign manifesto, Foust has also alluded to the power of voters especially if their promises are continually broken. Many have thus seen her candidature as one that will serve and protect Assembly District 19.

By Shepherd Mutsvara


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Inline Image Courtesy of Connie Foust’s Facebook Page

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