5.0M Earthquake Strike Southern Molucca Sea


On Dec. 3, 2015, at 10:27:36 a.m local time, a 5.0M earthquake struck just off the coast in Southern Molucca Sea. The depth of the quake was reported to be 69 km and the alert for aftershocks has been released, along with warnings of a potential tsunami due to the epicenter of the earthquake. Local villagers, as of this report, have not given details of any damage or injuries. However, local officials warn that the damage could be extensive, and reach beyond the immediate area, expanding up to 13km away.

According to Geoscience Australia that commonly monitors the area for earthquakes and other natural disasters, it is estimated that people as far away as 169km could have felt the 5.0 quake that took place today. The local Department of Emergency Management is ready to respond should authorities determine a state of emergency is needed to deal with the impending fallout from the earthquake. The most recent quake is the second one for the region in just three days. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries as a result.

This is a developing story; Guardian Liberty Voice will update the details as more information becomes available.

By Jireh Gibson


Geoscience Australia Earthquakes: Earthquake Details
Image Courtesy of Fabio Achilli’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License