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Gideon King & City BlogGideon King was born and raised in New York City, growing up in a highly musical family, he has been clutching a guitar in his hands since the young of age of ten. Now, his talents are much more refined, combine that with a studio full of expert musicians living and breathing the streets of New York and the result is an unforgettable birth of jazz.

“Music of today is like a cloud covers that the earth.”

Whoever said self producing an album was hard? Fortunately, King has been producing music for talented artists for years. Coming from such a musical family, King talks about musical inspiration coming in from all directions, but it is apparent through his personal music choices that bands like Neil Young, Steely Dan, and John Coltrane have influenced him greatly.

“Tell me what is the difference between waiting to sing and listening.”

The first thing to notice about Gideon King & City Blog is how efficient each musician is with their instrument, each of the band members are generous with the spotlight, feeling free to freestyle while allowing the other members to contribute equally. Song structure can feel similar to Steely Dan in the way of musicality, which is to say that the vocals have no problem taking a break for a minute in the middle of a track.

“She only left you cuz you asked.”

Gideon King & City King have jazz pumping through their veins, from the sharp saxophone solos to the endearing piano comedown, they know how to effectively guide to feeling a track emulates. As any truly epic jazz album does, a plethora of singers (half a dozen) make guest appearances across the length of the album.

“Please look up on google how to go to hell.”

The lyrical content is certainly something impossible to be overlooked here, for one thing, the quality of the production makes sure the vocals are clear and crisp and secondly, the other instruments do not crowd them when they are center stage. Those that live or have lived in New York are likely to relate to some of the tracks stronger as they discuss the inner workings of city life.

“Music of today is like a child that says me first.”

Each track is it’s own powerful experience: incorporating different instruments, singers, inspirations, and musical genres. The entirety of the album is easy to get lost in and is so rich with flavor that coming back to it is a blast, although it is worth noting that this sensation happens on purpose and some of the later tracks put a twist on some of the previous musical structures that were included earlier in the album. As so, recommending only single track from the album would almost be an insult. That being said, no music videos have come to fruition yet, (link to album opener below) so instead here is a preview into the album and its musicians.

In the end, Gideon King & City Blog have come together and managed to created a truly complex and astoundingly beautiful album. City Blog officially released September 26, 2015. If fusion or jazz are genres of interest, look no further.

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Opinion by Garrett Jutte

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