If It Walks Like a Duck Quacks Like a Duck It Must Be a Goat

Friends: If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a goat. 
What is nearly as tragic as the events that took place yesterday in San Bernardino, is the need for certain individuals to ignore the facts as they twist and contort the event to advance their own agenda.
If there was a checklist to determine if an event was a terrorist attack, yesterdays event would mark all the boxes.
Radicalized individuals, premeditated planning, Jihadist materials and communications on the individuals computer with the desire to inflict mass casualties among innocent civilians. Yet we see politicians and media outlets still trying to twist it into a case of simple workplace violence, so they can advance their narrative that we are not under assault by radical Islam, but simple gun violence. Violence that can be prevented if we would just adopt “commonsense gun laws” They don’t tell us how those laws would stop these attacks or how people who are already willing to break the law regarding mass murder would be stopped by another gun law.
What would make us safer is abandoning the political correctness that made the San Bernardino shooters neighbors refuse to report suspicious activity out of fear of being accused of racism. The political correctness that advocates that the best way to make us safer is to disarm the innocent. But most importantly being able to admit that if it looks like a terrorist attack, and sounds like a terrorist attack. It is a terrorist attack.
My strong message to you is its time Americans begin protecting America. Get armed, get trained get your head out if the sand and be prepared.
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In Love & Liberty,
Michele Fiore 


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