Assemblyman Brent Jones Joins Forces With Donald Trump


Nevada Assemblyman of District 35, Brent Jones, is known for his willingness to fight and bring an end to Common Core. He wants to be a “thorn in the side of the Establishment,” so he will be heard as the voice of the people of Nevada.

Assemblyman Jones’ vote cannot be bought! Trump and Jones agree that Obama Care/Affordable Health Care Act has to go. The Sliver State Exchange is not effective for the people and it is costing Nevada money. Trump wants to see Obama Care end in America altogether. Both of them are also strong supporters of free enterprise. Jones owns and is the president of Real Water, which is a thriving business in Las Vegas.

These two men seem to look at the big issues that have a negative impact on this nation in a similar fashion. They would work well together, banning Common Core and relieving the country of the expenses of the Affordable Health Care Act.

Both want to put an ultimate end to Common Core and the Silver State Exchange. Trump, as the presidential GOP candidate front-runner, and Assemblyman Jones as no. 8 of the “25 Most Fascinating Conservatives to Watch in 2016.” “He endorses Donald Trump because the Establishment hates them, but the people love them!”

By Jeanette Smith


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