MillionaireMatch.Com Offers Guidance on Tying the Knot, the world’s largest millionaire dating site, shared guidance for members who are considering marriage. The site’s management is responding to requests for guidance on marriage due to the high percentage of its couples advancing to the marriage stage of dating. suggests that members consider entering into a prenuptial agreement when contemplating tying the knot.

The thought of a “prenup” can sometimes be daunting because it often carries a negative connotation, but it has proven to be beneficial for any couple who enters a marriage with business or personal assets. Love, at times, can be blind and this legal document preserves the expectations of each party while preventing any surprises should a divorce occur. For this reason, suggests that couples consider the concept of a prenuptial agreement before marriage. It also recommends that couples confer with an attorney who specializes in such matters to make sure that such an agreement is appropriate for their circumstances and properly drafted. According to Steve Kasper, the company’s spokesperson:

We realize this is a sensitive topic, but our clients are adults and marriage is a serious, adult commitment – you have to be able to talk sensibly about money, and, the reality is that a prenuptial agreement protects both parties.

MillionaireMatch admits that the very issue itself is a sign of the site’s amazing success at serving a very exclusive, elite clientele of rich and attractive individuals. Both men and women on the site consult the site’s managers for advice on marriage. Wealthy men on the site were concerned that women they were dating through the service might be seeking financial gain, rather than a meaningful relationship. Women, conversely, feared that an unequal financial relationship would negatively affect the marital relationship. A prenuptial agreement provides a framework for discussing how financial matters will be resolved if the marriage ends. The spokesman for MillionaireMatch said:

At first, we thought, well, it’s not our business. But then, we saw that people needed our help thinking this sort of thing through.

As one of the most exclusive communities for online dating where members are accustomed to the finer things in life, MillionaireMatch seeks to offer relationships that are not defined by assets, but quality. The process of affluent dating is not new, however, it can be complicated on traditional dating sites. Once people have achieved a certain level of success, the dating process becomes more difficult as individuals work to find that someone special who is in the person, not what their possessions. Once they have identified that special soul mate, MillionaireMatch recommends securing a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot.MillionaireMatch was started over ten years ago. Clients have included Hollywood celebrities, pro athletes, CEOs, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, investors, supermodels and beauty queens who are all seeking millionaire dating opportunities and a serious, long-term relationship. The site has over two million members who have gone through a verification process in order to present themselves online as “millionaires.” Verification includes a confidential review of personal financial statements, tax returns, and references. The goal is to ensure that member profiles are accurate.

With millions of members, MillionaireMatch has simplified the dating process for the affluent. After putting in the hard work of becoming successful, it is important to find the right person to share life with. After finding that person, recommends members consider entering into a prenuptial agreement when contemplating marriage. To download the Millionaire Dating app visit the iTunes or Google Play store.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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