New Sperm Switch Eliminates Need for Vasectomy, Condoms and Pills [Video]


vasectomyA new sperm switch created by German inventor Clemens Bimek has the possibility to eliminate the need for a vasectomy, condoms and birth control pills. This new creation, called the Bimek SLV, will allow men to turn on and off their fertility by flicking a switch which will be located inside of the scrotum. A vasectomy, which is sometimes irreversible, is designed to be permanent. However, the new switch eliminates the stress of weighing the risks associated with surgery and potential infertility, allowing men to always have the option with just a flick of the switch.

From the male contraceptive pill to a vasectomy, there have been multiple attempts to shift the burden of birth control from the woman to the male. Bimek believes he may have found the solution and claims the spermatic duct valve has the potential to “change the world” by offering a contraceptive that is as effective as a vasectomy, but void of the permanent aspect. The new invention, a 1.8 cm device, is implanted internally into the scrotum, allowing the recipient to turn the valve on and off to control whether sperm is ejaculated.

The new sperm switch regulates the flow of sperm cells. It can be opened and closed at will. When it is switched off the Bimek SLV will prevent unwanted pregnancy, diverting the flow of sperm back to the man’s testicles, thus making him temporarily infertile. Should the time come when a baby is desired, the wearer can simply open the valve. Reportedly, the materials used to create the apparatus have no side effects whatsoever on the body and require no additional medication or hormones for the SLV to function.

According to the company’s website, the device is a lifelong, hormone-free contraceptive option for men that, unlike the vasectomy, is not designed to be permanent. The new sperm switch device is designed to eliminate the need for a vasectomy, condoms and pills. The website states:

Male contraception quite often means getting a vasectomy. It’s a difficult decision to make. What if you’re not quite finished planning your family? With us, there’s no need to ask this question. The Bimek SLV allows you to be sterile when you want to. The switch that toggles your fertility is controlled by you. You decide.

The Bimek SLV implant procedure takes about 30 minutes and is performed as an outpatient surgery. Patients should be able to return to work the following day. However, the creators have issued a warning which explains that it will take between three and six months for recipients to get rid of any lingering sperm cells in the seminal glands or prostate. During this time, vasectomyadditional protection would be necessary as a contraceptive inorder to prevent sperm deposit.

The new sperm switch device eliminates the need for a vasectomy, condoms and pills. When the sperm switch is in the “open” position, it allows sperm to flow freely, afterwards, however, it is important to note that when the Bimek SLV is closed again, the sperm will remain present in the ejaculatory fluids for approximately 30 ejaculations or about three months. Therefore, it is highly recommended after one month that wearers have a sperm analysis by a urologist  to ensure all sperm is out of the system before relying on the Bimek SLV for contraceptive purposes.

Currently, Bimek is the only recipient of the device, but he hopes to gain financial backing through crowdfunding and investments. A trial for the device is set to start early 2016 involving 25 men. The German inventor expects the invasive vasectomy to become a thing of the past thanks to his new invention. The new “sperm switch” will allow men to turn off and on their fertility by simply flicking a switch inside of the scrotum.


By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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