RHOA: Todd and Kandi Announce the Birth of Baby Ace Wells Tucker

KandiTodd and Kandi of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) have proudly announced the birth of their son Ace Wells. Fans of the show have witnessed the couple’s struggle to have a child since they became husband and wife in April 2014. Todd and Kandi both had one daughter prior to their union and this blended family has anxiously awaited the inclusion of Baby Tucker. Ace Wells made his grand appearance on January 6 and now the family of four has increased to five.

The famed couple’s relationship has been memorialized on television screens across the globe since it began. From the objections of Kandi’s mother to many other issues that accompany a relationship that is open to public opinion, their courtship was understandably difficult. Even up to the day before the wedding, the couple was seen having an on-air fight which left many wondering if they would really solidify their union with marriage. However, the couple worked their way through each obstacle and tied the knot forming a blended family. Now, Baby Tucker has entered their world as their only child together and son in the family.

After a year of marriage and still no signs of a baby, the couple began trying to conceive a child through In-Vitro. When it seemed like hope was again deferred, Kandi and Todd were happy to announce that they were expecting. The little cherub was born on Wednesday morning, weighing in at 7 lbs. and 6 ozs. He immediately captured the heart of his parents and siblings. After giving birth, the Fly Above singer said:

Todd and I have been waiting so long for his delivery and he is so very perfect.

Both parents were hoping for a son. Before learning the sex of her child, Kandi said their house had too much estrogen and needed a boy. A few years ago, the reality star shared on RHOA that she always dreamed of having a son named Kash. However, prior to the singer’s pregnancy, her former cast mate, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, named her son Kash, first leaving the songwriter in search of a new name. Today, Kandi revealed the name of Baby Tucker as Ace Wells. When explaining the reason the couple chose the name, Kandi said:

We named our beautiful baby boy Ace because I wanted something unique. When he becomes school age, hopefully, he won’t have to worry about another person in the class having his name. More than that, Ace represents the number one and that of high quality and our baby Ace is definitely that! His middle name Wells was Todd’s mother’s last name. Using her last name as his middle name was our way of honoring her memory.

In 2014, Miss Sharon, Todd’s mother, died suddenly after suffering a stroke. She was often featured on the show and Kandiinstantly became a fan favorite. Her passing was a difficult feat for the couple because Todd and his mother were extremely close. Although Mama Joyce, Kandi’s mom, was not receptive of Todd, Miss Sharon bonded with her soon-to-be daughter-in-law without reservation. Due to her absence, Todd admitted that the birth of his son was bittersweet because his mother would have been so proud.

After two years of dating, Todd and Kandi announced their engagement in January 2013. The couple married in April 2014 and expressed excitement for their first child together in July 2015. Now, the wait is over… Ace Wells Tucker has arrived. Todd, Kandi and their daughters, Kaela, and Riley are excited to officially welcome Baby Tucker into the family.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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