Devoted Conference 2016 ‘Shine Your Light’ Seeks to Empower Women

DevotedDevoted Conference 2016 seeks to empower women across the globe. The theme of this year’s conference is Shine Your Light and will feature an incredible lineup of speakers, including the annual host, Pastor Sharon Kelly. The conference is held in Virginia Beach, Virginia and includes women from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages.

This event is a gathering of women of various ages, backgrounds and walks of life who exist to inspire others to realize their value and potential. Devoted Conference emphasizes the belief that women can and will make the world a better place. Women are not just life givers, but life changers. The conference will empower women from across the globe to add flavor and color wherever they go.

The women who attend this conference, many on an annual basis, believe without a doubt they have been born to make the world a better place. Wherever they find themselves, it is always their intention to bring a message of hope and love to all they encounter. Devoted exists with the belief that women can and will make the world a better place by adding their unique flavor wherever they go.

The conference is held at the Great Neck campus of Wave Church, located at 1000 North Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach, VA, 23454. This large facility has ample space to house all of the sessions and services included in the conference package. Although the conference is spiritually based, it is designed to encompass women as a whole. Devoted Conference is composed of empowering sessions and dynamic sermons for the inner man as well as cosmetic and hair services to encourage women on the outside. This year’s Devoted Conference seeks to empower women to shine their light wherever they go.

The conference host, Pastor Sharon Kelly co-pastors Wave Church with her husband Steve. She believes that women play an integral part in Church life and has a passion for seeing people rise up and be all that God has called them to be. Pastor Sharon has dedicated her life to encouraging, challenging and inspiring women of all ages. When asked about her vision for the conference, Pastor Sharon said:

Every year we hope to inspire women to realize their full potential and value, with the belief that women can and will make the world a better place through their relationship with Christ.

The Devoted Conference partners with several organizations to enhance the local community and others worldwide. This year’s community focus has afforded the women to join forces with local homeless shelters in Hampton Roads by providing new shoes to women in need. Registrants of the conference have been asked to bring an unused pair of comfortable women’s shoes to donate to those in need.

The conference also has a continual partnership with The A21 Campaign. This campaign includes government officials, organizations, and individuals who are committed to ending the injustice of human trafficking in the 21st century. The A21 Campaign was founded by Christine and Nick Caine in 2007. The purpose of the campaign is to make a difference while fighting for justice on behalf of people who have been hurt by the exploitation of the sex trade and forced labor to which victims of human trafficking fall prey.

Another recurring partnership exists with the Watoto Foundation. This is a holistic care program that began in response to the overwhelming number of vulnerable women and orphaned children in Uganda. The organization is positioned to rescue individuals and raise them as leaders in their chosen sphere of life so that in turn they can rebuild their nation.

DevotedIn addition to the partnering organizations above, the conference also has an ongoing charity program known as Devoted Foundation. Each year during the conference this foundation has the opportunity to encourage and bless select women who are currently facing or have faced big challenges in their lives. The foundation exists to provide assistance to these women who are overwhelmed and often paralyzed in life due to varying types of adversity. The goal is to bring joy and hope while reminding them they are not alone in their journey. There is a host of women cheering them on by way of spiritual and physical support.

This exciting three-night/two-day experience is filled with music, teaching, fun, friendship and laughter. Many express the same feeling after attending this conference; they enjoy the first-class hospitality and leave with new friends while feeling refreshed and encouraged. Devoted Conference Shine Your Light seeks to empower woman across the globe as they navigate all of the challenges life presents.  The Speakers for this year include Lisa Bevere, Wendy Perez, John & Helen Burns and of course, the host Sharon Kelly.

Lisa Bevere, along with her husband John, founded Messenger International, an organization established to help individuals, families, churches, and nations realize and experience the transforming power of God’s Word. She is a best-selling author who believes in women and empowers them by weaving the practical with the profound truth of God’s Word. As an advocate for change, Pastor Lisa rallies others to be an answer to desperate problems near and far.

Wendy Perez and her husband Benny are the founders of The Church LV, which is headquartered in Las Vegas, along with other campuses. Pastor Wendy has a passion for women’s ministry and has blessed many through her ability to minister in both dynamic, prophetic worship and inspirational preaching all around the world.

John & Helen Burns are the senior pastors of Relate Church. They are hosts of the international television shows titled, The Relate Show and Relate Live. This power couple, as a team and individually, are both gifted authors who speak with wisdom and authority on marriage, family, and relationships.  Pastors John and Helen are passionate about building the Kingdom of God & equipping the next generation to live life well.

The Devoted Conference has empowered women for more than a decade. There will be multiple countries represented during this powerful event. The current registration exceeds 2000 delegates and is quickly filling up. In addition to the registrants there are always women who hear about it last-minute and want to be a part of this wonderful Shine Your Light experience. Good news… there is room for you!

There is something powerful that happens when women gather for a purpose greater than themselves and come together without prejudice or fear of comparison while celebrating and embracing each other’s uniqueness. To ensure that these wonderful women are free to reap all the benefits of the conference, child care is provided for children nine months and older. For any children under the nine months, there are special rooms available for moms and their little ones to enjoy the conference together.

The Devoted Conference 2016 is being held March 3 through 5 and guarantees to be an experience that will never be forgotten. For more information on the conference schedule, host and speakers or to register please go to This year’s Devoted Conference seeks to empower women to be a shining light wherever life takes them.  If history is a great indicator for future expectation, it is sure to be an event no woman will want to miss.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Devoted Conference Press Release
Wave Church: Devoted Conference
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