Theater, Art, and Music Develop Important Skills

Theater, art, and music are vital to developing skills in students. Beth Taylor and Jana Sosnowski both explain the important role in which theater, art, and music play in developing different skills in youngsters. Beth Taylor explains that theater develops students’ teamwork skills and helps instill discipline while art helps students to solve problems and understand other cultures, whereas music enhances mathematical ability and improves students’ memories. According to Jana Sosnowski, art education develops students’ critical thinking and creativity while music enhances math and language development skills.

According to Beth Taylor, theater helps students develop a variety of skills. By participating in a role, theater helps students gain self-confidence, poise, and learn patience. Additionally, theater encourages peers to cooperate and work together as a team.

Taylor claims that art helps students’ attention spans, observation, and planning skills. Students first plan in their minds the sketches of their drawing, and then, with close attention and observation, they draw the object. Additionally, art teaches peers to solve problems creatively. Furthermore, art exposure helps students understand other cultures and societies.

According to Jana Sosnowski, art helps to develop students’ critical thinking skills and creativity. She explains that art develops students’ motor skills via how they hold their pencils, pens, crayons, and/or paintbrushes. She further claims that art aids students in developing decision-making and visual learning skills because when students design their art projects, they use creativity and critical thinking skills. Moreover, art education encourages and helps students to solve problems in a creative manner.

Taylor asserts that music enriches students’ lives because via playing music they learn to express their emotions more fully and comprehensively. Moreover, music enhances students’ mathematical abilities. Additionally, there is research that indicates music improves students’ memories. Furthermore, scientific studies indicate there are more “extensive neural connections” in musicians than non-musicians.

Sosnowski contends that music education helps to develop spatial intelligence in students. Spatial intelligence helps students visualize “how elements fit together, which is required in solving math problems.” Additionally, music education enriches language development because music helps the development of the left side of the brain. A study performed at the University of Toronto revealed that nine months of weekly voice and piano lessons increased six-year-olds IQ scores by a significant margin.

Theater, art, and music play pivotal roles in developing many capabilities in children and teenagers. Theater education helps students gain self-confidence, poise, discipline, learn patience, and work together as a team. Meanwhile, art education helps develop students’ attention spans, creativity, observational and planning abilities, as well as their problem-solving capabilities. Moreover, art education helps students understand as well as appreciate other cultures and societies. On the other hand, music education helps students to express their emotions. Furthermore, music enhances mathematical abilities and develops spatial intelligence, as well as encourages language development. Thus, theater, art, and music should be incorporated into every school’s curriculum.

By Albana Ballabani
Edited by Leigh Haugh

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All Article Images Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons – Creative Commons License

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