Brain-Dead Teen Jahi McMath Reportedly Alive and Beautiful as Ever [Video]

brain-deadIn December 2013, Jahi McMath was declared brain-dead after experiencing complications during a routine tonsil surgery. The teen suffered a heart attack and brain swelling and was placed on life support. After a few weeks, doctors saw no improvement or signs of hope for the child and declared her brain-dead. On Monday, family members said Jahi is alive and beautiful as ever.

After refusing to remove the teen from the machine which kept her alive, Nailah Winkfield, Jahi’s mother, transferred her daughter from Oakland to a facility in New Jersey that agreed to keep her on life support. Concurrently, a campaign online was started by Winkfield to help keep her daughter on life support and to this day, she still believes Jahi will fully awaken. On yesterday, a note was posted on the wall of the Facebook page created in Jahi’s honor. It read:

If you are here to spew your negative thoughts please kindly delete your comments and remove yourself because each and every comment will be read, and if deemed necessary, both you and your comments will be removed and you may be permanently banned…This mother and child have gone through a lot already, and this page is supposed to be for prayers, support and love. If you think you are unable to give those, please feel free to go to other pages that will tolerate your negative and heartless thoughts.

The mother recently revealed a current picture of Jahi, who is now 15, with her nails polished, hair done and a lip piercing. She is still medically deemed brain-dead and connected to a machine for sustainability but is said to be progressing and even moves her hands and feet upon command. While the family is still under fire for refusing to allow Jahi to “rest in peace,” they have not given up hope that she will recover. According to the family, even in her current state, they believe Jahi is alive and beautiful as ever.brain-dead

Winkfield said she will never give up on her daughter because anyone who is dead cannot move limbs upon command. As Jahi continues to improve, her mother’s faith remains strong and her hope in the miraculous is intact. In fact, according to Martin Pistorius, author of Ghost Boy, miracles most certainly do happen and he is living proof. He describes a period in his life where he was like a ghost who was awake for years but trapped inside an unresponsive body.

Until 12 years of age, Pistorius was a healthy and happy child when a mysterious illness left him in a virtual coma. His mother gave up hope and doctors could not identify the cause of the boy’s illness. It was not until four years later, at age 16, that the teen miraculously began to regain consciousness. Even still, he could not communicate and was trapped inside a lifeless body. His memoir, Ghost Boy gives the remarkable account of how he slowly returned to life.

The believed brain-dead teen regained some control of his arms and head and learned to use a computer to communicate by writing messages and speaking through a synthetic voice. The English-native described this season of life in a recent interview by saying:

For so many years, I was like a ghost. I could hear and see everything, but it was like I wasn’t there. I was invisible.

Although miracles like this are rare, they do exist and Pistorius lived to tell about his experience. Now, he is married and works as a web designer. Winkfield is believing that God will allow her daughter to have the same type of testimony. She believes the brain-dead teen, Jahi McMath, will wake up and recently stated that she is alive and as beautiful as ever.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  2. Chaplain Bernell Wesley   March 24, 2016 at 2:09 pm

    When I first saw this story in 2013 I prayed and I knew that she was not “dead”. God is getting the Glory out of this. I was so glad the mother relied on her faith in God. Dead is decomposed. This child is not dead. The hospital caused this then tried to cover it up by having her removed from life support and declaring her dead. The devil is a lie and God be Praised Amen… she had just crossed my mind the other day. I wondered what happened to her. Thanks for the update. God Bless


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