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Brussels Explosions: Security Stepped Up Across Europe



Following the twin explosions that rocked the Zaventem airport and a metro station in Brussels on Mar. 22, 2016, countries in Europe have stepped up security around their transport hubs and borders. France and the U.K. have increased police presence at major airports and key locations amid fears of further terrorist attacks across the European Union.

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London told BBC News that “huge police details will be deployed around major airports and transport hubs.” He assured the U.K. public that all “steps necessary” are being taken to allay fears of further attacks within the European Union. The French Interior Ministry is also reported to have deployed over 1,600 security personnel around its borders and major transport networks.

The E.U. Foreign Affairs Chief, Federica Mogherini also acknowledged that the Brussels attacks should heighten terror alert across Europe. Mogherini told reporters “We are still waiting to assess the dynamics of the attack, at the same time reinforcing security around our institutions.” One of the bomb is reported to have detonated near the E.U. headquarters in Brussels.

Meanwhile, the Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel has described the explosions as “the black moment” in the Belgian’s history. Speaking at a press conference just after the attacks, Michel said “what we feared most has happened.” He went on to assure all to remain calm during this “challenging time” as security personnel “try to stabilize the situation.”

At least 28 people are reported dead with scores injured. Frederic Van Leeuw, Belgian’s federal prosecutor told reporters “It is too early to give a precise number of victims at the present moment.”

Although no one has claimed responsibility for the fatal attacks, unconfirmed reports suggest that ISIS played a major role in the bombings. Guardian Liberty Voice will continue to follow the situation and provide updates as new details emerge.

By Shepherd Mutsvara

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