International Women’s Day: Imagine the World Without Women

Women's DayMarch 8 has been crowned International Women’s Day since it was first celebrated in 1911. It  is a global day of celebration of women’s accomplishments which also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. This day is recognized by educational institutions, women’s groups, various governments, corporations and the media to mark the economic, political, cultural and social achievements of women. Not just on International Women’s Day, but on any given day it is difficult to imagine the world without women.

Without females, the world’s population would decrease by about 3.5 billion, 93 percent of children would have no guardian and schools across the globe would lose over half of their students. In a world void of women, 17 countries would not have a leader, 66 percent of the marketplace would be lost and on and on. Women are caring, determined, beautiful, and powerful visionaries and problem solvers. They are also creative, full of zeal and a vital contribution to worldwide success.

Women, or “wombed” men, are a very captivating species, which is very unpredictable, yet a necessary unit of humanity. A woman scorned can rage more fiercely than a lioness, but one who feels safe and loved can generate peace in the midst of a storm. Women have the supernatural ability to reveal the potential of the men in their world. Any guy that feels self-disciplined or stoically strong needs only to fall in love or meet a woman who loves him deeply to learn just how invariably “weak” he is.

Women know how to make men do what they would never imagine they could do. A woman, in the form of a mother, is the first to believe in her son and the last to doubt him. This same woman often becomes a man’s first confidante after he has survived in the warm pool of her womb. She is happy to be the sacrificial lamb for her family and the chief cheerleader. There is a host of women such as aunts, sisters, grandmothers and others who are a part of the team of encouragers designed to propel men forward in their journey toward purpose.

Some have said that without women temptation would not exist because the serpent referenced in the Bible would not have been able to sway the man to violate God’s orders. That is a quality only women possess. So… how did women come about? Well, the Bible gives the clearest origin in the book of Genesis, where it states:

And God put Adam to sleep and took a rib from him… And he formed a partner for him… And Adam saw it, and he called it, Woman, for you were taken out of my rib.

The world without women would be a place void of the unique essence, personality, and flavor that the female species provides. Men would remain as latent seeds locked in the fathers’ loins without any hope of being occupants of the earth without the wonder known as women. Why? Woman are built to push without an assistant and they alone feel the pain of childbirth, but quickly “forget” it once the baby has arrived.Women's Day

Women are an epitome of strength and perseverance. Although they fall many times, what matters is the way they pick themselves up and push forward toward destiny. They are struck down constantly, but always find a way to get back up and keep fighting. Women are powerful entities who find strength where there is none to rise above pain, tears and brokenness. The wonder that is woman exceeds the ability to adequately encapsulate their fascination into an article.

The female species is designed in their own uniqueness, not perfect, but beautifully flawed in a way that distinguishes individuality. Women live fearlessly, love unconditionally and chase their passions unapologetically. Not just on International Women’s Day, but every day of their lives they should be celebrated and respected as the vessel God has chosen to populate the nations. Today the world celebrates International Women’s Day with events and campaigns to push gender equality.  Today serves as a constant reminder that the world without women could not exist because, without her contribution, there would be no world.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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