Super Tuesday for Dummies: Why Vote? [Video]

Super TuesdayToday is the day when a dozen states will hold their nominating contests for the presidential frontrunners from the contending parties. Super Tuesday, the unofficial name, originated in 1988 as the day when the largest number of states vote during the primary election. The main reasons Super Tuesday exists is for the organization of campaigns and the consolidation of voters. Since the vote is a formal expression of opinion, it is imperative that Americans understand Super Tuesday and the power of their vote.

Far too often, Americans would rather spend the aftermath of a political win complaining about who was elected, as opposed to taking the opportunity to allow the “pen to be mightier than the sword.” Despite the many arguments, ads or debates, voting allows the opportunity to formally render an opinion on a matter. It is the time when views are solidified by either opposing or supporting issues, policies and candidates.

Even if none of the contenders are a person’s first choice, it does not diminish the chance to decide against the greater of two evils. Voting is an underappreciated privilege and underutilized right which many Americans fought, bled and died for. Any grateful heart would feel that this is enough to make the trip to the polls and take the time to render their ballot. Why vote? Because anyone who chooses to skip the polls, simultaneously muzzles their voice on matters of tomorrow.

Super Tuesday is the voters “high holy day.” It not only speaks to individual power but highlights the power of communities, cities and states. The policies which have the greatest impact on individuals are driven from the local, city and state offices. Voting is the opportunity Americans are blessed with to strengthen their neighborhoods and make a difference. Why vote? It is a privilege that should be held as a mandate.Super Tuesday

Voting is a right that should not be handled lightly. It can mean the difference between injustice and justice. Prior to heading to the polls, voters should do their research. What are the values of each candidate and what is the motivating factor for the choice made? This is not the time to be fickle because voting is a force and power unleashed. Why vote? Because no human society exists with perfect equality, it is an experiment which is constantly in the business of remaking. Truth is, America has never been a perfect dream; instead, it is imperfectly grasped at by the leaders of this great nation harnessed by the power of the vote.

Super Tuesday is the basis for the direction of the presidential election. There is a lot at stake during this election. Where America will be in the coming years rests on this election, those to follow and every action in between. Progress is never realized in a moment, but a lifetime. Equalities based on race, sex, religion, and love have all been works in progress from the moment the following words were penned:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men were created equal.

While some of these have already been realized, others are still in the process of materializing but are hinged on the vote. Today is Super Tuesday and the perfect time to head to the polls and solidify opinions. Why vote? Each voice matters and makes a difference in the long run. One minute of action has the power to affect the future of communities, cities, states and the nation as a whole. Americans, unlike many citizens of other countries, have the power to vote and make their voice known.

Fellow registered voters do not miss an opportunity for the pen to truly be mightier than the sword. Go out, spread the word and encourage others to vote. Why vote? It is Super Tuesday and another opportunity to change the direction of these “united states” known as America.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  2. Cathy Milne   March 1, 2016 at 10:37 am

    I believe voting should be looked at as a Responsibility.

    • Cherese Jackson   March 1, 2016 at 10:50 am

      I agree…absolutely!!


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