You Can Resurrect America: The Introduction

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America is being destroyed from within. We must start to resurrect America now before the “American Dream” becomes a nightmare. You will learn about four important areas that must be returned to their original status. They will be discussed in four posts. They will be titled as follows:

1. You Can Resurrect America – Bring God Back
2. You Can Resurrect America – Vote for Men on Integrity
3. You Can Resurrect America – Take Schools Back to the 1940s
4. You Can Resurrect America – Protect Our Borders and Stop Illegal Immigration

We are a Judea-Christian country. Our Founding Fathers believed in God. They believed that it was necessary to have God be a part of our government to preserve and protect our nation. In the 1900s, the Supreme Court has unconstitutionally enacted laws that removed God from our country. As a result, the morals of our nation have been decimated. There is no right or wrong anymore. The Nike slogan of “Just Do It” has replaced The Ten Commandments.

In Nevada, 78 percent of the voters of Nevada rejected a “Margins Tax” in 1914. Yet, barely six months later, the Nevada Legislature passed the same tax under a different name, “the Commerce Tax.” We should not vote for anyone who endorsed for this tax, regardless of their political party. In doing so, they violated the people’s trust and should not be trusted.

Also, in 1914, our Congress had less than a 15 percent approval rating. Yet, over 80 percent of them were re-elected. When you vote for evil, it is perpetuating a vicious cycle, even if it is the lesser of two evils. We must stop voting via party lines when that candidate has broken their promises to the people and oath of office to God.

Our public schools have been descending into a downward spiral. Our children are becoming increasingly unruly. Rioting and violence are becoming commonplace. Our schools are failing our children. We must stop all this new math and reading, which is known as the Common Core Curriculum, and return to what was working since the foundation of public schools until we started changing it. We must give the teachers the tools to teach. We must stop blaming them for undisciplined children. We must start to teach the children who want to learn and discipline those that do not.

Illegal immigration is also a major problem. Our government has neglected to protect our borders from invasion of illegal aliens. In Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, it is stated, “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions.” We must enforce our immigration laws as well as review and improve them. Furthermore, we must stop rewarding those who come here illegally.

You can help to resurrect America via reading and considering these 5 articles. Then, if you agree, get involved and help us to resurrect America. You can just refuse to vote for those who have broken their promises to the American people and God, or you can get more involved and volunteer to help. The choice of how involved you want to be is up to you. Just help in any way that you can.

Opinion and Blog by Tom Jones
Edited by Leigh Haugh

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