‘Boldly Inclusive’ Is Taking a Stand for Ideas

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Boldly Inclusive

Guardian Liberty Voice has the motto “Boldly Inclusive.” What boldly inclusive implies varies from person to person, but for the purposes of this article, it will be defined as the point where humanity’s’ higher function has been activated and, later, cultivated. Quite simply, it is the point when humanity reaches a stage in development in which people can use their consciousness for its natural purpose instead of settling in the wasteland of fear and ignorance.

Boldly Inclusive could be thought of as a western-style country saloon. It is a local and friendly place. The bartenders always have a smile and know exactly what a person wants to drink. The place always has clean bathrooms, regardless of how rowdy it was the night before. There is always a seat, no matter how busy, and there is never a wait to order.

This bar, however, has some rather noteworthy regulars who stay from morning until night. They usually drift from table to table talking among themselves, letting loose and enjoying rather poignant discussions. Here, someone would find Jesus, pleasantly content in his robes, drinking wine. Abstaining from any mind-altering substance, Buddha would be sitting under his tree making jokes and speaking to anyone willing to listen. Immanuel Kant would be in a heated debate with Mohammed over the issues of morality in society. Karl Marx, totally drunk, would be speaking with Adam Smith and John Locke about humanity’s’ true economic form. One could see Benito Mussolini and Thomas Jefferson discussing a person’s place in their political system.

They may shift places, but the discussion always continues. From morning until night, in this bar of visionaries, an Boldly Inclusivehonest discussion takes place. All are welcome to have a seat and join in.

Only one thing is needed to enter.

Here, capitalism and communism sit together as equals. Anarchism and libertarianism reconcile their differences and find common ground. As one enters the swinging doors of this western-style saloon, absolutism and dogma are the jackets and holsters left at the door.

To enter this room of visionaries, one must flash their credentials. In bold print, the words on this badge say, “Boldly Inclusive.” Once someone has taken a stand for ideas, they may enter.

There is no idea which is wrong if it has a basis in reality. Preconceived notions based on ignorance pose the greatest threat to society. “Pre,” meaning “before,” implies that ignorance has been applied to an idea before an honest opinion can be made. Before humanity has the chance to use the gift it was given, preconceived notions must be destroyed. Once this parasite is sterilized, truth can be attained. This truth comes from a boldly inclusive perspective. Like the visionaries sitting at the bar who contemplate reality, morality, economics and political structures, humanity must sit down and take hold of its one true gift – the ability for people to think for themselves without judgment and gain a higher understanding of what is happening in the world.

Pockets of hunter-gatherer societies do still exist in the world, but the majority of humanity has opted into the path of modern society. While world hunger and poverty still exist, a majority of people have access to their basic needs. Once people can stand up and take a look around, they can become boldly inclusive.

Throughout the history of thought, there has never been one answer to a question. Yet time and time again, news outlets around the world present issues as black and white, yes and no, or right and wrong. At the current stage in human development, this evil should be recognized and vanquished as soon as possible. Oversimplification of the complexities of life kills what it is to be human. It murders humanity’s ability to think and reason. Because of this, shallow-minded right and wrong answers are an enemy to the entire human race.

Boldly Inclusive steps in to save humanity from its demise and takes a stand for ideas. The motto shows a belief that humanity has the capacity to understand the world around them. Boldly Inclusive is standing up to what is wrong and voicing the truth, even if it is unpopular. It is a philosophy that nothing can be stigmatized without proper examination. Boldly Inclusive is the ethos that one man’s opinion is not better, or more important, than another’s. It is the collective realization that everyone must work together if humanity is to achieve greatness.

Opinion by Harrison Baker


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