George Pataki Endorses John Kasich

KasichOn April 14, 2016, the former governor of New York, George Pataki, endorsed John Kasich, and said that Donald Trump would put an end to the GOP. The New York primary is only days away, and Pataki is backing his former presidential opponent.

In May 2015, the former governor announced he was running for president, with a message that he “would authorize boots on the ground to go after Islamic state targets in Iraq.” The debate over his comment split the Republican party. He commented that he had no desire to see a “trillion-dollar, decade-long war,” but he thought if ISIS had training and recruiting centers, the consequences would be devastating. At present, there are thousands of U.S. troops in Iraq to help train them. Pataki felt that he was prepared in every way to run, but, after a few months, he was forced to drop out of the race. Pataki could not win even one delegate. He told Rick Klein and Jonathan Karl of ABC news:

I think that Donald Trump would drive the Republican party off a cliff if he is our nominee.

Pataki held the office of governor from 1996 – 2006 and made presidential bid in 2015, but dropped out at the end of the year. Originally, the politician had backed Marco Rubio, who ended his bid for the presidency on March 14, 2016, shortly after losing Florida, his home state. The former governor’s news comes while Kasich travels across N.Y., making a solid move to get his message to the voters. Pataki is endorsing Kasich, and says that he is going to do whatever he can to stop Trump. The former governor is concerned Trump will end the GOP. He is letting people know how important their vote is, and that it does not matter who they like, Kasich or Cruz. He met with both candidates before he made his decision to back Kasich.

According to ABC News, Trump will be starting the first of many meetings next week on Capitol Hill, when his campaign reaches Washington D.C. The meetings are being set up with lawmakers to make a strategic plan in dealing with specific concerns of the Congress. The real estate mogul is attempting to lock in the right-wing recommendation before June. The network also confirmed that a congressional source informed them the meetings will start next week when the House reconvenes, and that the Trump crusade has been trying to organize the series of meetings for a while.

According to the ABC News sources, Ed Brookover, top strategist and senior advisor for Trump, is setting the meetings up. He is also the connection to the GOP and certain members of Congress. The real estate mogul has conflicted with chief Republicans over what they perceive as his remaining too close to white supremacist followers, his wanting to ban Muslims from entering the country, and the violence at his campaign rallies. In March, he publicized his intentions of building an office in Washington D.C. for the duties of coordinating between the national committee, the campaign, and delegate operations. Expanding to the Capitol comes with the hiring of top advisors in the city to get ready for a tough battle of finding loyal delegates who will support his reasoning before the convention.

Pataki says he feels very strongly that Trump would end the GOP if he is elected; therefore, he is endorsing Kasich. The former governor is off on an anti-Trump campaign, and he will stop at nothing to save the integrity of his party from what some have called “Hurricane Trump.”

By Katherine Miller

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