Majority of Americans View Donald Trump Negatively



According to an Associated Press-GfK poll released on April 7, 2016, almost 70 percent of Americans view Donald Trump unfavorably. Those who responded, including almost half of the Republicans, share this opinion. The dislike of Trump spans race, gender, age, education, and political persuasion.

Associated Press (AP) reported, even in the southern region of the U.S. where Trump won primaries, his approval rating has dropped significantly. Among those identifying as Caucasian without a college education, typically one of the businessman’s most loyal voting group, 55 percent stated they had a negative opinion of him.

Ari Fleisher, who was a former advisor to President George W. Bush, stated, Trump was at risk for failing to obtain the nomination at the Republican National Convention in July. Fleisher believes this is due to “grass-roots party activists” who are concerned about the party’s overall dislike of the businessman.

The AP reporter postulated, this “breadth of his unpopularity raises significant questions” about his ability to gain enough votes in the November election to win the presidency.

The poll also indicated Ted Cruz had an unfavorability rating of 59 percent. Additionally, the frontrunner of the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, was viewed by those polled with a 55 percent negativity rating.

1,076 adults participated in the online AP-GfK Poll, which was conducted between March 31 and April 4. The sample of those polled was taken from the KnowledgePanel, GfK’s probability tool that is designed to poll an overall representation of the American population. There is a plus or minus 3.3 percentage sampling error margin as reported by AP.

By Cathy Milne


AP The Big Story: AP-GfK Poll: Americans overwhelmingly view Trump negatively

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