Maryland Primary Is a Critical Win for Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton


Polls in Maryland closed at 8:00 p.m., April 26, 2016. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were suspected to see success in the Northeastern primaries, and CNN is projecting wins for both candidates in the area. As the competition comes down to the wire, obtaining the proper number of delegates becomes critical.

Trump beat out his rival candidates in Md. for Super Tuesday. NPR reported the businessman took 56.2 percent of Republican primary goers. Behind his, in second, was Kasich with 21.5. Coming in third, Ted Cruz managed to garner 18.8 percent of the primary going support.

The real estate tycoon has also taken many other states in the region. He leads of Conn., with 58.4 percent. In Del., he is reported to have over 60 percent. In Penn. and R.I., Trump has taken a commanding lead.

On the other side of the political spectrum, results for the Md., Democratic Primary show Clinton way out in front. NPR is reporting she soared over Sen. Bernie Sanders, raking in 63.7 percent of Democratic primary goers. Trailing behinds her, Sanders managed to gather 32.5 percent of the vote.

Sanders is projected to win in R.I., but most of the Super Tuesday action seems to be in Clinton’s favor. Del., Conn., and Penn., show favorable results to the former first lady.

Numbers are still piling in, but early projections are claiming critical wins for Trump and Clinton in the Northeastern part of the country. Super Tuesday has been a success to both campaigns, and will bring each candidate closer  to the nomination.

By Harrison Baker


CNN: Trump, Clinton score major victories
NPR: Trump Sweeps Northeastern Primaries; Clinton Cements Wide Lead Over Sanders

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