Phyllis Schlafly Targeted for Backing Trump as ‘a Choice Not an Echo’

SchlaflyPhyllis Schlafly recently made claims suggesting the board of advocacy group she founded decades ago is now targeting her for supporting Republican front-runner Donald Trump. Schlafly is the founder and president of Eagle Forum. This organization is made up of citizens who volunteer as participants in the public policymaking process. Now, 44 years after it was founded, the conservative icon believes the group has targeted her for backing Trump as America’s choice, not an echo. She believes he is the candidate with the ability to make America great again.

The majority of Eagle Forum’s board is vying for Senator Ted Cruz, who is Trump’s competition for the Republican presidential nomination. The Republican Party has been deeply divided due to many of Trump’s controversial statements and now, it appears that the divide has crept into Schlafly’s organization among board members.  Although several board members have refuted the claims of ousting Schlafly, when sharing her feelings on the group’s alleged actions, she said:

It’s disloyal and terribly shocking, and I’m completely depressed about it.

It has been 50 years since Schlafly’s critically acclaimed book, A Choice Not an Echo, was published to expose the schemes of the “Kingmakers” who dictate the presidential nominee for the Republican Party. Five decades later, the conservative icon emphasizes not much has changed. As a result, she has publicly endorsed Trump for his unrelenting stance in the 2016 political race. In the most recent update of her book, Schlafly penned:

Republican candidates for president have remained nothing but an ‘echo’ of the New Deal Democrats, rather than offering a meaningful alternative.

A Choice Not an Echo is the first of many books written by Schlafly. It not only sold three million copies but eventually thrust her into the spotlight on a national level. She later established Eagle Forum and began leading the charge against the so-called Equal Rights Amendment (E.R.A.). Schlafly argued that the revision would have resulted in a massive transfer of power to the federal government, particularly to the federal courts.

The quick-witted heroine coined the term Kingmakers more than 50 years ago. She says this select group who calls the shots for the Republican Party is now referred to as the donor class or “Establishment.” When referencing these Kingmakers, or cosmopolitan elites, in her 1964 book, Schlafly compared them to the dressmakers in Paris who mandate how long a woman should wear her skirt.   She said:

These few secret kingmakers successfully forced their choice on a free country where there are more than 34 million Republican voters.

The 91-year-old has now thrust her weight behind Trump as the only hope to defeat the Kingmakers. The Republican front-runner represents the desires of the grassroots, according to the icon. She strongly supports his views onSchlafly immigration and believes this is the most important issue of this election. In her view, the other candidates have placed the interests of global corporations and foreign citizens above those of the American people. The living legend believes Trump’s understanding of trade and the effects of immigration have made him a strong force against the Kingmakers and the only one who is not afraid of his own voice.

Schlafly’s lengthy history of conservative activism has enabled her to become a formidable voice in the political arena. The icon recently appeared with Trump during a rally and has openly endorsed him as the only hope for America’s future. Schlafly alleges that she is being targeted for backing Trump as a choice instead of an echo for the revolution America needs.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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