Donald Trump Falling Ratings Reflected in Wisconsin Results


Donald Trump’s rating was falling, and polling in both California and Wisconsin showed it may be weaker than expected. According to Vice News, Trump was expected to suffer a huge loss in the Wis. primary, and a poll in Calif. showed voters had “extremely negative” views about him. Wis. voters revealed their allegiance last Tuesday, April 5, 2016. Calif. holds their Republican primary on June 7, giving his campaign a chance to turn things around.

Recent events have been detrimental to the businessman’s campaign over the last few weeks. First, Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager, was charged with battery for grabbing a female reporter at a Fla. rally. Then, Trump’s stance on abortion came under question. He stated that women should be punished for having abortions when the procedure becomes illegal.

The businessman also said that John Kasich should drop out of the race. He said Kasich did not have a shot at the GOP nomination. Speaking at a rally in Wis., he told the crowd, “If I didn’t have Kasich, I automatically win.” He alleged the Ohio Governer was taking votes that should have been his.

The New York businessman still has a commanding lead over his fellow nominees. In order to secure the nomination, Republican candidates need to receive at least 1,237 delegates. Currently, Trump leads with 735, followed by Ted Cruz, who has 461 and Kasich coming it last with 143.

If none of the candidates can reach the number of delegates before the Republican convention in July, the party will choose a candidate to represent them. GOP activists are at odds with the flamboyant businessman, and if he does not receive the delegates needed, he could lose the nomination.

Leading into the Wis. primary, Trump’s campaign appears weaker as it had fallen in the polls. Wis. is a predominately caucasian, blue-collar state in the Midwest. Traditionally, these demographics have been where the businessman was most successful, but Wis. was different. Marquette Law School conducted a poll before the primary. The results showed the real estate tycoon had a 70 percent disapproval rating among Wis. voters. It also revealed only 24 percent of women support him. The poll was conducted before the recent events of Lewandowski and Trump’s statements about abortion.

What support he did have came from small pockets in the rural north and western parts of the state. Vice News reported these areas are largely uneducated and lower-class families. He failed to garner any following from highly populated areas of the state.

In fact, the New York businessman was so unpopular, movements had sprouted up against him. A local talk-radio host, named Charlie Sykes, is the leader of the “Stop Trump” movement. He has spent months trying to defame the real estate tycoon. According to the New York Times, in Wis., talk-radio culture is big. Sykes, as well as other talk-radio hosts in the state, spend their segments castigating the businessman on the airwaves.

In an interview conducted during a commercial break, Sykes said, “Can someone win without talk-radio? Yes, theoretically. Except no one has.”

The real estate tycoon did not win. In fact, the results of the Wis. primary showed Cruz taking the state with 48 percent, the businessman with 34, followed by Kasich at 14 percent.

Calif. is another important state if the businessman wants to receive the 1,237 delegates. The state has 172 delegates from California’s 52 Congressional Districts. SurveyUSA polled state voters. The survey found 50 percent of registered voters had an “extremely negative” view of the businessmen. Yet Trump still leads with 40 percent. Cruz came in second with 32 and Kasich with 17 percent.

The election clock keeps ticking, and as the nation comes closer to the Republican convention, each delegate becomes more important. Donald Trump’s ratings seem to have fallen in the polls. If he cannot secure the 1,237 delegates he needs to gain the nomination, it will be decided by the convention. He did not win Wisconsin, and there is still a lot of time until the California primary. If his campaign keeps fumbling, he might lose the nomination.

By Harrison Baker


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  1. David John Francis   April 14, 2016 at 12:42 pm


    Boeing says it will cut more than, 4,500 jobs. The continuation of outsourcing to Mexico (NAFTA) will cause the company to decrease its workforce in the US. This outsourcing to foreign countries is a continue effect on our economy, as hundreds of thousands of jobs vanish to other countries. Our steel industry has suffered the auto and vehicle parts are now manufactured in Mexico and other foreign nations.

    Who are Donald Trump Supporters?

    1. We are sick of Political correctness.
    2. We like the fact that Trump is self-funding.
    3. Trump owes no Wealthy donors any favors.
    4. We are fed up with the corruption in Washington DC.
    5. We hate the Liberal ideology.
    6. We are tired of financially supporting illegal aliens.
    7. Hillary belongs in prison.
    8. We want a wall on the Southern border.
    9. We want our jobs back from Mexico and overseas.
    10. We want ISIS eliminated, “Not contained”?
    11. We want Obamacare repealed.
    12. We want our military revitalized, not decimated.
    13. We want our Vets given the healthcare and entitlements they deserve.
    14 Illegal immigrants should not be settled here.
    15. We want a temporary halt on Muslims.
    16. Sheria law should not be tolerated, as it’s not compatible with the US Constitution.
    17. Offering safety to 100,000 Syrian Refugees, but not caring for 50,000 homeless Vets.
    18. Removal of thousands of irrelevant Rule and regulations crushing new businesses and thousands of issues.
    19. Repealing Common Core education and returning it to locale jurisdiction.
    20. Stop the monopoly of Insurance, where companies cannot cross state lines.
    21. Trump will return the elections so every vote counts, and not by delegate count which is stacked against the ‘Outsider’.

    If you don’t Ted Cruz is not part of the GOP establishment, than be aware that he accumulated $4.8 million dollars, with only 3 years in the Senate. Then John Kasick with just 6 years as Governor of Ohio is now worth $22 million. These two politicians were elected to work for us, and are tired of the GOP establishment, by getting rich of the American people. This is why citizens, who are unsure who to vote for, should see that the extremely wealthy cannot buy Trump and his allegiance to Special Interests.


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