The Death of a Prince and the Hidden Conspiracy (Part Two)

PrinceA week ago today, the entertainment world lost another legend. The death of a musician almost always hits fans in a special place. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the death, their music has helped someone navigate a difficult time or celebrate a special occasion. After all, music is one of the few things that can help the world overcome tragedy and has the unique ability to transcend emotion. Ironically, the music of a deceased legend not only speaks to yesterday, but it also helps fans find a place of peace after they have passed on. The life of a celebrity can be glorious, but also extremely taxing. It is no wonder, they often die young.

Prince Rogers Nelson was loved by millions, but an apparent enemy of the record industry. He spent a great part of his musical career fighting with the industry and after finally defeating them at age 57 is dead. At the height of his career, the singer was engaged in an all-out war with Warner Brothers and the industry as a whole. In 1996, he performed with the label, “slave” written on his face, and afterwards changed his name to a symbol just to spite the label. Was he murdered for rebelling against the label and speaking out about chemtrails and the Illuminati? Some media outlets reported his tragic ending involved an overdose of Percocet and others said he died of AIDS, but many feel the death of Prince is still a mystery involving theories of conspiracy which may house hidden truths of his premature demise.

On the cusp of a new chapter of his career, the singer had finally gained the upper hand over what he called the Illuminati record industry. Prince dedicated his life to regaining control of his catalogue and liberating himself from the established order which seemed to govern him. He accomplished what none before him had and gained total control over his music. Many times the I Would Die 4 U singer has said:

If you don’t own your masters, your masters own you.

It has long been rumored that celebrities are not allowed to cross a certain line or leave the Illuminati governed plantation after initiation. Had the Purple Rain singer unknowingly signed his own death certificate? These are the questions circulating about the ongoing controversy surrounding the death of a prince and the hidden conspiracy. After gaining ownership of his back catalogue and the vault which holds thousands of unreleased material, the legend turns up dead in an elevator. This new acquisition empowered him to expose the truth on a larger scale and in more ways than times past. Some refuse to admit it, but others acknowledge the eerie timing of his death after gaining control of his musical future.

The death of Prince and the hidden conspiracy may not be as much of a mystery to the victim. The last post published to the songwriter’s Instagram account, prior to his death, seemed to contain a hidden message. It read:

Just When You Thought You Were Safe.

The post, which was mysteriously deleted after the singer died, has caused greater suspicion. Was this a coded message about the industry harassing him? Did he know the pending doom which was set before him? During the singer’s last public appearance, Prince told fans to hold off a few days before they wasted any prayers on him. All of Princethese utterances sound like the words of a person who knew his tenure of victory was coming to a swift end.

Now that Prince is dead who will take the reins of his catalogue? Will Warner Brothers buy back the rights to his music? Surprisingly following the death of Prince, an unnamed source close to him claimed he had indeed received death threats after gaining control of his music. The friend reported that he was advised to get security, but refused to allow the manipulators to stop him from enjoying life.

The possibility of Prince being murdered is real. He, along with other musical geniuses who are no longer alive, spoke out about the Illuminati and the bondage of the industry. Whatever truth is hidden in his mysterious death will not bring this talented soul back. Prince Roger Nelson was a legend with a musical influence which will continue to impact fans and fellow musicians. He may be gone, but the search to reveal the death of prince and the hidden conspiracy, if any exists, lives on.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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