Bernie Sanders Is the People’s Front-Runner

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is the people’s front-runner – a man with a heart who is on a mission. With the presidential candidacy in full swing, voters forget for whom they intended to vote and end up voting for who is more popular. Running for president should never be a popularity contest. It should always be about who is best for the issues at hand and how they can benefit the United States. One scenario this election season may have voters weighing those factors when deciding between Sanders and Donald Trump. If so, an examination of both candidates’ histories could prove useful.

The ’80s:

  • Freshly-appointed Mayor Sanders establishes the Burlington Community Land Trust for affordable housing.
  • Sanders wins an award for his efforts from Jack Kep-led HUD.
  • Trump spends up to $1,000 on hotel rooms and boasts about trashing enemies. He also says he is loyal to his friends, but admits to having very few.
  • Trump says in 1985 that people are making him out to be more sinister than he really is.

The ’90s:

  • Sanders creates the National Program of Cancer Registries in 1994. “Reader’s Digest” calls it “the cancer weapon America needs most.” The registries help to gain important insights for researchers.
  • Donald Trump complains about the press, saying, “The American press isn’t what I thought it was.” He is interviewed by “Playboy Magazine,” and predicts he will be on the Democratic ticket.
  • Trump attacks the Mashantucket Pequot Nation in 1993, saying, “They don’t look like Indians to me.” H also remarks that the Mafia has infiltrated the Indian casinos.

The 2000s: 

  • Sander’s efforts in 2008 doubles funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which helps Americans heat their homes during winter.
  • Trump files suit against Native American tribes in 2003. He opens a college in his name called Trump University. It is later shut down because of lawsuits by the attorney general and students of the university, who claim the college is a scam.
  • Trump is given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The 2010s and Today:

  • Sanders secures $1.5 billion for the National Health Service Corps for scholarships and loan repayments, helping doctors and nurses who practice in low-income communities. In 2012, he becomes chairmen for the Senate Veterans’ Affair Committee.
  • Trump boldly offers the new president of the United States, Barack Obama, $5 to produce his birth certificate.
  • NBC cuts ties with Trump in 2015 after his remarks about immigration. Trump sues his own companies; Trump Entertainment, Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza Casinos, arguing they were not up to his standards.

After weighing in on the issues, it should be clear who is more qualified to run the United States, and who is running for president because it is some popularity game. Sanders is a president for the people. He has been a man on a mission for the commonwealth of the people of the United States from the very beginning.

Sanders is a man who cares whether or not the poor have heat for their homes. Trump cares whether or not the businesses that carry his name are up to his over-the-top standards.

Sanders cares that the people of the U.S. have a place to live, doing his best to do so by enacting an act to help the poor with houses to live in. Trump resides in $1,000 per night hotel rooms and thinks that trashing another person is okay.

Sanders creates a registry to help doctors find important research in the fight against cancer. Trump attacks an Indian tribe, accusing them of not looking Indian enough.

It is clear who should be a front-runner and who should not even be running. There is no telling why some think that Trump would be the better president vs. Sanders. Reviewing differences of the two candidates should help to put things in better perspective.

Opinion by Tracy Blake


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Image Courtesy of Tony Webster’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

3 Responses to "Bernie Sanders Is the People’s Front-Runner"

  1. Gary Clevenger   May 15, 2016 at 8:29 am

    It befuddles the mind to think these people have control of where we are headed…sure they are few that vote and subscribe to the national socialist agenda….not communism but nationalism. Something that looks like a benefit for all……

    Communism does not work because it leads to the highest mean of the less motivated who have nothing to gain save hard labor while other do all the work, equals no incentive government. But a society’s nationalism should say; you must work to gain and gives nothing away to slackers but finds the stimulus to create achievers….ads well, opportunity, a little push by the state and is a means to become responsible for your own life and living in the community…….Welfarism, communistic slothism, these are the masters of the poor and the scourge for the worker, (taxpayer Commune), while the elite communist-capitalist skim off the cream and call it freedom. Bernie is not our savior… his words leave a hole in the meaning of freedom…..and justice for all!

  2. Sam Osborne   May 15, 2016 at 8:10 am

    As Bernie says, it is not about me it is about you and your future and what you are going to do with it as a Greatest Generation:

    Meanwhile, it’s bargain time in the GOP’s going-out-of-business sale and Donald Trump now owns the Republican label and members of the old Republican establishment are going to only be as important as Trump lets them pretend to be. As for the establishment Democrats trying to hock Hillary Clinton off on to the nation, it has not yet occurred to party insiders that common folks are not buying and after Bernie Sanders has buried Hillary Clinton in California the Party is not even going to be able to unload as curb-side junk that is left over from a fire sale it faces. As for me and what I am left with, I will neither vote for Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump nor any candidate for any other office that supports either one of them. I am not being party to selling the nation further down the drain and will if need be let it be known by writing Bernie Sanders in on the Election Day ballot.

  3. Elfrad   May 15, 2016 at 7:21 am

    That Sanders would the best candidate for the US presidency is obvious. Just consider the fact that both Clinton and Trump have legal problems. I find it incredible that they are even allowed to run under such conditions. In no other developed western democracy except Italy this would be possible. Just think of the clown Berlusconi. That’s what Trump is: Berlusconi with his finger on the nuclear trigger. Scary thought. And Clinton is a person corrupted by decades of politics and dirty deals. She reeks of corruption.


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